Connecting Health and Climate Change

October 11-12 in Stockholm, Sweden

Climate change is already impacting health in multiple ways and is undermining determinants for good health, such as clean air and water, food, safe shelter, and economic opportunities. The transdisciplinary conference on Connecting Health and Climate Change brings together researchers, experts, policy makers, and NGO and private sector representatives, from all career stages. It provides an arena to present research findings and discuss climate change effects on health, adaptation, societal consequences,and opportunities for climate resilient development.

The hybrid conference is organized by ENBEL - Enhancing Belmont Research Action to support EU policy making on climate change and health. ENBEL coordinates a network of international health and climate researchers under the Belmont Forum’s Collaborative Research Action on Climate, Environment and Health and similar EU research programs. Through this conference ENBEL aims at help strengthening the health argument for climate action.


The key topics of the conference include:

* Climate hazards and population exposure (historical/scenarios)
* Climate change health impacts and transformation of disease patterns 
* Health risks from multiple exposures (e.g. heat and air pollution) 
* Costs and benefits of climate actions on health 
* Inequities in climate change impacts and health risks 
* Climate resilient and sustainable health systems
* Opportunities and barriers for adaptation measures 
* Climate change, and health policies and just transition
* Perception, communication and partnership on climate change and health





The hybrid conference is organised as part of the EU-funded project ENBEL - Enhancing Belmont Research Action to support EU policy making on
climate change and health. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101003966.