Welcome to the 25th International Conference on Information Fusion in Linköping, the Fusion Capital of Sweden.

Dates: July 4-7 2022
Place: Linköping Concert and Congress center 

Final paper submission deadline: June 1, 2022. This is a firm deadline.
Early bird registration:  Closes on June 1, 2022.

FUSION will be a physical conference only: We have from multiple requests including the board of ISIF been encouraged to go back to the normal conference format.  No one really likes the virtual or hybrid formats, conferences are about meeting people. We will only allow virtual conference presentations if there are very good reasons outside of the contol of the authors.   Presentations will not be available online.
Covid-19 information: We aim for a fully physical conference, but the Covid-19 pandemic might influence the format. More information about this and Covid-19 measures is found under Destination information. Student travel stipends: We have a limited number of travel stipend for students that cannot be funded by their home institution. Please send your application to chairs@fusion2022.se on May 23 at the latest. Clearly motivate what and how much you apply for (travel, lodging, registration). Include information about your paper ID and if you will present the paper if funded. Granted applications will be informed on May 25.

Linköping has for the past 100 years been the aerospace capital in Northern Europe, with two airfields, aircraft manufacturing industries, air force training and a whole ecosystem around this, including the C3ISR branch of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), and the Swedish Air Force Museum. 

You will find a beautiful city center with walking distance between the conference venue and the hotels. Linköping is a historic place, dating back more than 700 years. It hosts the bishop of one of the first and most important dioceses (1107) in Sweden and a beautiful 800 year old cathedral. More highlights of the venue and city are presented in the invitation film showed at the gala dinner for Fusion 2021.

Linköping University was founded in the 1960s as an engineering university to support Swedish aerospace and other industries, but it has sparked the whole city to grow over 150% since then. The Science Park has 350 companies and 7000 employees, with focus areas in automotive safety, telecom, MedTech and IoT. Linköping University, with its EE, CS and ME departments, has contributed hundreds of papers to FUSION over the years. It is part of the 600 million USD research program WASP, focusing on autonomous systems (AS) and machine learning (ML). Aside from the traditional scope of the conference, FUSION 2022 will also highlight AS and ML in its plenaries, tutorials, special sessions and exhibitions.


Fredrik Gustafsson, Gustaf Hendeby and Terence van Zyl
General Chairs of Fusion 2022