Airforce museum – Where science is fun
When you are in Linköping it is an absolute must to visit the Swedish Airforce museum together with your family, friends or colleauges. The museum is fun for everyone of all ages. They have a stimulator where you can try out how it feels to be a pilot. They have a flight lab and an impressive collection of airplanes from 1900. Visit their website to learn more:


The old town open air museum – where history becomes reality.
The open air museum shows how it was in Linköping around the 1900. You can take a walk around the town and get the feeling of how it was a 100 years ago. In July you have a lot of activites where you can dress up in the clothes from the era and visit the play and learning centres. You can see what it was like to be in school and sit in a classroom. You can walk into the old provision store. You can see the theater or ride in a horse wagon. You can also chug round the area on the Choco-Choco train. If you get hungry you can eat waffles or local home cooking.  Visit their website to learn more:


Fenomenmagasinet – understand everyday phenomena together
When you visit the old town open air museum you can't miss out on the Fenomenmagasinet. It is located in the heart of Gamla Linköping – the old town of Linköping. It is a house with five floors where you can learn and experiment everything from how your ear works, to how to navigate the locks of Göta Kanal, or why not try to be a pilot of a Saab 2000 plane? Here we also have reptiles, insects, amphibian and both fresh and salt water aquariums for those with a love for animals. Visit their website to learn more:


Vallagård farm and Lill-Valla – Linköping’s rural history and largest play park
If you continue to explore Gamla Linköping Open Air Museum, you will also discover Vallagård farm and Valla Museums which portray Linköping’s rural history. This wonderful place lies just a short walk from the town quarter. Here you will have close encounters with both animals and nature. During summer time do not miss challenging each other on Östergötland’s largest mini-golf course which has two 18-hole courses to choose between. Also do not forget to pack a picnic basket because here there are loads of great green spaces. Linköping’s largest play park is also here, children’s paradise, Lilla-Valla, which is perfect for play and fun. The play park has three large play areas with everything from rope-lines to slides. Your children really get an outlet for their energy if they have lots of it to run off! Visit their website to learn more:


Astrid Lindgren's World
Just 1h and 20 minutes from Linköping you have Astrid Lindgren*s World. Children all over the world know that Pippi is the strongest girl in the world and that Emil is naughty but kind-hearted. They know that Villekulla Cottage is a yellow house with a horse on the veranda and that Emil practically lives in the woodshed. When you bring the children here, to Astrid Lindgren’s World, this is exactly what you’ll find, because here stories come to life. Here the settings are like those Astrid Lindgren described in her stories about Pippi, Emil, Ronja and the other children who made her one of the world’s best-loved authors. Here you’ll find Villekulla Cottage, the farm Katthult, Matt’s Forest and many other places that have become known through her books. A visit to Astrid Lindgren’s World is like a journey through her stories but for real. Visit their website to learn more:


Kolmårdens Lifepark
When you are in Linköping you can't miss out on one of Scandinavia's most exciting experiences. Just 60 kilometres from Linköping you have this amazing lifepark!! Covering 1.5 square kilometers and home to countless animal species, thrilling rides and magical shows Kolmården is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries. In the Dolphin Show HOPE dolphins leap from the water into the hearts of the audience. Or board the unique Safari gondola to quietly glide close above lions and giraffes. Come face to face with big cats in Tiger World, and watch enthralled as raptors swoop overhead in the Birds of Prey Show Wings. 

Kolmården is also home to plenty of thrilling rides, such as Wildfire - the greatest wooden rollercoaster in the world! You can also meet Bamse – the world’s strongest bear – and his friends in a magical world of their own. There are plenty of accommodation options nearby. Newly renovated Vildmarkshotellet offers fabulous sea views around the corner from the theme park. But if you really want to experience the wild animals close up, the Safari Camp tent village is the place to stay. Your admission fee covers all our attractions, shows and experiences. Welcome to one of the world’s most beautiful theme parks! Visit their website to learn more:
Trädgårdsföreningen – Play spaces with many possibilities
You don’t have to go far to enjoy the possibilities the seasons bring, you can do it in the heart of Linköping – The Horticultural Society Park, Trädgårdsföreningen, is a lovely oasis located centrally in town. There are large open spaces offering the opportunity to run and play. For the very smallest of children there is a play park with swings and climbing frames and other fun things. If your tummy starts rumbling you can always take a break and eat at Tropikhuset. Or why not climb up to the viewing tower and Café Belvederen and quench your thirst while gazing out over the town? On really nice days you can see all the way to Lake Roxen. It is also great to enjoy a picnic in the park and sunbathe for a bit, only your imagination sets the boundaries on how you spend your day with the children in Trädgårdsföreningen. Visit their website to learn more:
Bounce freely on 38 trampolines of different difficulty levels, shapes and angles for parrying. Dodgeball or spökboll (ghost-ball) as we call it in Swedish, but with bounce! Team sports on our 2 Dodgeball courts (yes! We have 2). Team up and let the games begin! Vault, cartwheel, tumble, swing and roll around on our fast airtracks! Visit their website to learn more: