Welcome to Stockholm University of the Arts and to the third iteration of Alliances and Commonalities.

At Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH), Artistic Research (AR) emerges from a range of artistic disciplines including dance, circus, opera, theatre, film making and media-based practices. Conducting research primarily via artistic practice, AR is central to SKH’s mission, and is introduced at Bachelor level, explored on Masters level and situates our Doctoral Program. Senior researchers and Professors from every SKH department engage with developing, producing and disseminating AR, and there are a range of intra, inter and transdisciplinary projects underway creating a dynamic research environment.

SKH is very proud to host the biannual Alliances and Commonalities conference. It is an integral part of our research environment and brings together individuals and groups who are interested in engaging with and linking with a growing international community of affiliated and independent Artistic Researchers.

We warmly invite you to explore the Artistic Research projects we’ve assembled for Alliances & Commonalities 2022 and very much look forward to meeting you somewhere within our exciting program.

Paula Crabtree, Vice-Chancellor
Cecilia Roos, Vice-Rector for Research


Curatorial Statement

Alliances and Commonalities 2022 invites artists and researchers to share ways in which their artistic research is reassembling, responding, reconfiguring, and reconstituting in the aftermath of the past two years. Who, what, where, when, why and how are artists and researchers situating their practices now? What transforms? What transmits? What matters?

While we were planning this iteration, the unpredictability of the virus and the risks involved in asking people to share in-real-life social spaces led to our decision to hold the 2022 conference completely online. As a result, while the researchers you meet will be sharing specific projects emerging from a range of artistic practices and disciplines they will also be actively exploring ways to share, interact with and discuss artistic research in an exclusively online context. 

At a glance the 2022 conference will include online explorations into archiving, diffractive storytelling, speculative fabulation, somatic practices, ecological praxis, more-than-human-ness, practices of caring, crafting, walking, writing and food-ing and many other approaches to AR, gathering within our four profile areas: Concept and Composition, Bodily and Vocal Practices, Art, Technology, Materiality and Site, Event, Encounter.

We’re very much looking forward to experiencing Alliances and Commonalities 2022 with you.

John-Paul Zaccarini, Professor of Performing Arts, Profile area Bodily and Vocal Practices
Rebecca Hilton, Professor of Choreography, Profile area Site, Event, Encounter
Kent Olofsson, Professor of Performing Arts, Profile area Concept and Composition 
Ellen Røed, Professor of Film and Media, Profile area Art, Technology and Materiality
Sher Doruff, Visiting Professor for the Profile area Art, Technology and Materiality


Questions posed to conference presenters

Each presenter was asked to choose and answer one of the questions below.
You can read their answers on the link to their presentations.

  • What is most urgent in your research right now?
  • How is the aftermath of Covid-19 affecting your questions, your methods, your dissemination modes, your practice, your research?
  • How do your methods transition from in-real-life to the virtual realm and back again; what transforms, what transmits, what matters?


Conference Committee

Paula Crabtree, Cecilia Roos, John-Paul Zaccarini, Kent Olofsson, Sher Doruff, Rebecca Hilton, Ellen Røed


AC2022 team

Sanna Hagström, Anna-Carin Stymne – Research Office
Katherine Stuart – Language editor
Trippus – Conference platform management
Jenni-My Andersson – Technical Director
Helle Zimmerman – Communications
Maria Stålhammar – Producer