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.strandberg* Artist Extravaganza & 10th Anniversary Celebration

Join us and our artist ambassadors for a friendly hang and toast to conclude the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the first .strandberg* guitar being completed. If you have a webcam, you will get a chance to come up and join us and ask questions (festive beverage of choice encouraged)! Two time slots available to cover as many time zones as we can. Watch or participate on camera (VIP Package) but sign up quickly since spots are limited!

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All about the new .strandberg* Pickups!

Hear all about the design process for the new .strandberg* pickups, and the requirements that went into it. Learn about what to expect from them from Keven Eknes, who has had unrestricted access to all models while recording the demo videos. Meet the maker, the legendary Michael Frank, who has designed pickups for Eric Johnson, Guthrie Govan and many more.

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Product Launches

Tune in for the launch of a brand new Limited Edition guitar! Also, we are finally ready to ship our long awaited Original and Prog neckthrough models, which we announced at NAMM earlier this year. In addition, we have refreshed our Fusion and Metal models to also feature our new pickups. Visit our virtual showroom to see the models up close and ask any questions you might have about these, or any of our other models.

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Plini Workshop

Participate and listen to Plini tell us about his upcoming album, answer questions, demo the new Strandberg pickups, and get an exclusive listen to one of the songs before the album drops! If you have a camera and a great question, sign up to the VIP package and we’ll bring you in on the live stream!

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Alex Machacek Masterclass

Tap into the creative genius of Alex Machacek and hear about his composition process and whatever topics are raised. Sign up to the VIP package to ask him anything yourself in this interactive Masterclass, or just watch the action.

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Jack Gardiner Workshop

Jack was one of the first .strandberg* artists to use the new .strandberg* pickups. Hear about his experiences and take advantage of his teaching skills in this exclusive workshop. Sign up to the VIP package to participate on camera, or just watch the action!

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Book the Tech

Book 15 minutes with our tech - show your guitar on camera, and we’ll do our best to diagnose and help you fix any problem you might have. These spots are limited to one/hour, so grab one while you can!


Times are displayed in your browser's configured time zone. Please note that the event starts at 18:00 CET on 24 November and runs to 18:00 CET on the 25th. Depending on which time zone you are in, the hour displayed may refer to the 24th or the 25th.

Full Access Stream

The new .strandberg* Pickups

Keven Eknes

A player’s perspective

Ed Yoon

Requirements for next gen pickups

Michael Frank

Legendary pickup designer


Artist Extravaganza #1

Preliminary participant list: Ryszard Gabrielczyk, Mike Keneally, Alon Tamir, Becca Scammon, Adam Rafowitz, Poh Hock, Sarah Longfield, Gustavo Assis-Brasil, Koke Benavides, Brock Benzel, Jack Gardiner, Alex Machacek and Richard Henshall


Alex Machacek

Masterclass and performance


Jack Gardiner

Clinic and performance



Clinic and performance - exclusive preview of a new song from the coming album


Artist Extravaganza #2

Preliminary participant list: Dave Dunsire, Plini, Adam Rafowitz, Connor Kaminski, Simon Girard, Adieu and Jack Gardiner, Paul Masvidal, Kevin Chartre

Showroom Stream

Opening Remarks & Launch

Our brand new Pickups, NT models & Limited Edition model



Virtual booth and book the tech from Uppsala



Virtual booth and book the tech from Riverside


Community Get Together

Comunidad .strandberg* de América Latina run by Overdrive, Chile


Community Get Together

.spark* Community Hang run by Isaac Stolzer-Gary


Community Get Together

?? ?????? ???? Korea .strandberg* community run by Gear Crew


Community Get Together

???? ??????? Japan .strandberg* Community - Canceled due to sickness



Virtual booth and book the tech from Uppsala


We’re putting a lot of effort into this event, and want you to also put some “skin in the game”. We will not be pocketing any of your money, instead, you can choose where your payment goes*:

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Your payment will go to Plini

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Alex Machacek

Your payment will go to Alex Machacek

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Paul Masvidal

Your payment will go to Paul Masvidal

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Sarah Longfield

Your payment will go to Sarah Longfield

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Per Nilsson

Your payment will go to Per Nilsson

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Other .strandberg* artist: ____

Your payment will go to the named artist (or Musicians without Borders if we can’t verify what you enter)

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Musicians without Borders charity

Musicians Without Borders is the world’s pioneer in using music for peacebuilding and social change

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You will receive a personal coupon code usable at for the amount you pay, after your participation has been confirmed

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Get a chance to participate on camera in Artist Extravanganzas, Plini, Alex Machacek, and Jack Gardiner. Limited to 20 participants, so act fast!

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