Dear all,

WELCOME to the AI DAY at Umeå University, Medical Faculty

We welcome everyone who is interested in artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine to the AI DAY at Umeå University. We invite ALL AI RESEARCHERS in different disciplinary areas, both life sciences, computer sciences and clinical scientists at all levels from PhD students to PIs to submit abstract.

The overall aim of the AI DAY is to stimulate the interactions and collaborations and network among senior and junior researchers in the filed relevant to AI. This is a one day digital event, we have invited national and international keynote speakers and local researchers to provide brief view about the current and future AI research in the areas of medicine and life sciences. We hope that new and innovative ideas and collaborations will be the outcome of this event.

The event is free of charge and scheduled to take place on September 10, 2021.

The program encompasses most aspects of AI research and application in medicine, ranging from sustainability to precision medicine. There will be keynote speakers, plenary sessions, short talks and a parallel poster session that will contribute to presentations in different forms. We will also award the best poster with a travel grant!

We encourage all participants to submit poster abstracts and posters together with their registration forms.