Welcome to this year's Mynewsday

Mynewsday is one of the biggest industry gatherings for all marketers, PR professionals and communicators across the Nordics.


Livestream Digital Mynewsday 2021


09:00 Welcome to Mynewsday 2021
Our moderator, Elin Ahldén, welcomes you to Mynewsday 2021! Get ready for a half-day filled with inspiration, best practices and new insights!

09:15 John Mellkvist - Choose Your Age 
John Mellkvist delivers a new perspective on the subject of aging. Why is this topic interesting? What is ageism,
why is it so common and how can we use the power of communication to reduce it?

09:45 Christine Calvert - Write well, be understood
What will communication look like in the future? How can good content help you reach your targets in a more chaotic environment when everyone has more money to spend, and when everyone wants to be seen and heard at the same time?

10:15 Louise Barnekow and Daniel Jonsson - Ai and smart PR
Did you know that we can work faster and better with help from smart PR? Mynewsdesk’s CEO, Louise Barnekow, and Daniel Jonsson, Chief Analytics & Strategy Officer, will talk about how we can, by using AI and data, make smarter and better decisions that will optimize your PR and communication!

10:30 Digital Break

10:35 Customer case - Sound as a marketing vehicle

10:45 Customer case - Who is your Target Audience

10:55 Brian L.Due - Megatrends in PR and communication
What tendencies should marketers, PR professionals and communicators consider already now so they won't be laggards the next two years? Brian will walk us through the biggest megatrends post-corona that will have consequences and impact on the PR and communication industry in the future.

11:15 Pontus F. Christoffersen - Beyond the message
In a digitalized world communication goes beyond the message itself. This gives us a lot of opportunities, but just as many pitfalls. In this keynote, you’ll learn how to avoid all of them and create a bulletproof message designed to be both interpreted.

11:45 Insights from Mynewsdesk´s industry report
Mynewsdesk will present a preview of the Nordic industry report within PR and communication being released in January 2022.

11:50 Key takeaeays and wrap up
Our moderator will summarize today’s key learnings and share useful best practices for your communication.