Registration fees
(Please note that 25%VAT will be added to price)


SEK 4 500



SEK 1 750


From June 1



SEK 6 500



SEK 3 000


Registration fee includes:

  • Full digital participation to scentific program June 20-23.

Payment instructions non-residents in Sweden
For non-residents in Sweden, payment must be made by credit card upon registration. Visa or Mastercard is accepted. All credit card payments are made through secure and encrypted online payment gateway. Make sure that your card is open for internet purchase.

Payment instructions Swedish residents
Payment by credit card or invoice is possible for Swedish residents.
An invoice with 30 days payment terms will be sent to the invoice adress approximately 2 weeks after the booking is completed. By law, the invoice is sent electronically to the companies / organizations that have entered the correct organization number and, if any, reference. Would you like to have the invoice sent as a pdf by mail - Please notify this to: Invoicing fee SEK 48 excl. 25%VAT.

Resia Kongress invoices incl. VAT through the invoicing company Arvato. Terms of payment is 30 days. However, the payment must be received by Resia Kongress before the conference begins.
In case of late payment, SEK 60 will be charged in reminder fee. Other requirements and penalty interest are added according to the Debt Collection Act and the Interest Act.

Change of invoicing address
If a new invoice has to be made due to an incorrectly stated invoicing address or  incorrectly chosen delivery of invoice, an administrative fee of SEK 400 excl. 25%VAT will be charged.

Terms of registration
All changes or cancellations must be made in writing to conference secretariat,

Cancellation policy registration
All changes or cancellations must be made in writing to the conference secretariat:

If cancellation is made before May 15, 2022, a cancellation fee of SEK 750 excl. 25% VAT will be charged. If your registration fee has already been paid, it will be credited with a deduction of SEK 750 excl. VAT. If cancellation is made on or after May 15, 2022, no refund or reduction will be possible. All refunds will be processed after the meeting.

Change of participant
If you cannot participate in the conference, you can transfer your registration to a colleague. The fee for transfer is SEK 250 excl. 25% VAT. Please contact the conference secretariat if you want to transfer a registration.

Force majeure
The registration is not refundable in the event of a cancelled or postponed digital conference, due to conditions outside of our control, such as fire, natural disaster, labor conflict, terrorist attack, government decisions, spread of viruses or other diseases.

Conference secretariat

Last update: April 26, 2022