Important information

The Industrial Fashion Fair is postponed until March 23nd - 24nd 2022.


TESS, a 100% Norwegian owned Technical Trade Center, has quality and environment as its focus.  The Industrial Fashion Fair has been arranged yearly by TESS since 1998. The goal for the fair in 2020 is to achieve at least 120 national and international exhibitors from the industries of Oil & Gas, Aquaculture, Public Sector, Entrepreneurs and  manufacturing

The Industrial Fashion Fair - Your meeting place for environment and quality!


Industrial fashion fair
• Norway’s only fair for operation and maintenance products (MRO) and related services for onshore, offshore and aquaculture industry.
• Arranged first time in 1998 as part of a comprehensive celebration of TESS 30th anniversary.
• Previously held also in Oslo and Bergen and two times at ”Hurtigruten”.
• The DVH Award - ”for creative product development and cost reduction for users.”
• Professional updating.
• IM-2017: March 22nd and 23rd. 111 exhibitors. Telenor Arena.

• IM-2018: September 27th - 29th. 124 exhibitors. Telenor Arena.

• Professional Service Company which has solved hose problems for the industry since 1968.
• TESS knows JIT, E-commerce, Partnering and Lean Integrated supply - Partnershop, Partnerstock, RFID solutions, TESSgate, TESS Uptime and ConTESS.
• Our focus on environment and quality is a condition to assure our customers and reduce their environmental footprint.
• TESS Hose Management, THM.
• TESS by far the largest hose supplier in Norway with approved hose workshops.
• Higher sales volume than no. 2, 3 and no. 4 accumulated.

• Welding power centre no. 1 in Norway.
• Own depots more than 130 places in Norway + Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore, Macaé (Brazil) and Gran Canaria.
• TESS makes more than 1.000.000 deliveries yearly.
• Technical division for steel hoses, welding and subsea.
Approx. 1260 collaborators. 
• More than 270 000 SKU’s available.
• Strategic management and coordination of the industry`s greatest program for service.
• Quality Assurance System according to NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.
• HSE-system according to NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 and SN-BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
• TESS is registered name and trademark.
• TESS is member of EDIS, NAHAD, ISA, NOSCA and Tradebroker.
• TESS knows JIT, E-commerce, Partnering and Integrated supply - Partnershop, Partnerstock, RFID solutions (TESSgate), product automates and ConTESS.
• - - e-commerce.
• Training for hose master and certified hose assembler at TESS Academy.