Welcome to CSW-2021

Dear delegates, plenary speakers, invited speakers and contributing authors,

It is our immense pleasure to invite you all to CSW-2021 that takes place virtually. We would have liked to have you here, in the beautiful city of Stockholm, but the prevailing circumstances all over the world restricted us to hold it virtually. While we talk of corona, we only think of the virus, but we all know that corona is also the bright outer sheath of the sun! Despite the dark moments that we all go through, the success in arranging a conference like CSW-2021 sheds bright light as the outer sheath of the sun in our lives. You might ask what is bright about it? The very arrangement of the virtual conference is, in fact, only feasible with the great contributions we all have made to the development of several technologies including communication, computing, energy saving/harvesting/transmission, sensing etc. using our compound semiconductors, the core subject of the conference! In this respect we invite you to consider CSW-2021 as the celebration of our success in our scientific efforts to the humanity throughout these years.

As in the previous years, CSW-2021 combines two conferences, namely 47th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors (ISCS) and the 32nd International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials (IPRM). We have set up a very attractive and intensive program with the help of the Technical Program Committees. We are grateful to them. Besides 170 high quality contributions, we also have five authoritative plenary speakers and fifty-four invited speakers. Thanks to the efforts of Qin Wang, Women in STEM sessions are arranged particularly to encourage and inspire young women scientists. We tried our best to accommodate the time zones of all the speakers and poster presenters. It was not always easy but succeeded in most of the cases.

We will honor the recipients of The Welker Award, The Quantum Devices Award, The Young Scientist Award and The IPRM Award on May 10 at 16.00.

We thank the Local Organizing Committee without which we would not have managed to run this conference. We would like to thank the International Steering Committees of ISCS and IPRM for their enthusiasm and support. It is also our pleasure to thank all our sponsors and exhibitors. In this regard special thanks to Lennart Svensson for his efforts.

Wiley-VCH has accepted to bring out special issues of physica status solidi (a/b) to which the authors are encouraged to submit their contributions. We thank Stefan Hildebrandt for this offer.

Last but not the least, we thank the colleagues at Meetx for their excellent organizational efforts.

We welcome you all again to enjoy the conference!

Sebastian Lourdudoss, General Chair

Mattias Hammar, Program Chair

Anders Hallén, Program Chair