Scientific Program

NoSCoS 2022 is featuring world leading keynote speakers, workshops, meeting for special interest groups as well as oral and poster presentations. Program timing is based on CET (Central European Time) Time.  


Download the Scientific Program as a pdf here.


Keynote Speakers 


Presentation of recent Nordic dissertations on SCI 

Oral Presentations 

Friday May 6, 2022 
Moderator Anestis Divanoglou & Anna-Karin Merin

10.30-10.40   Results from a joint Nordic collaboration – the Nordic Spinal Cord Injury Registry – what have we seen over a 2 year period? 2019-2020
Annette Halvorsen and Ann Louise Pettersen

10.40-10.50   Changes over Six Years in Secondary Health Conditions and Activity Limitations in Older Adults Aging with Long-Term Spinal Cord Injury
Mikael Waller

10.50-11.00   Long-term Mortality after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Elina Johansson

11.00-11.10   Health-related factors for work participation in persons with Spinal Cord Injury in Finland
Kaarina Eskola

11.10-11.20   Sense of coherence and changes over six years among older adults with long-term Spinal Cord Injury
Sophie Jörgensen

11.20-11.30   Peer coaches – A new service for successful reintegration during a critical period after SCI
Gunilla Åhrén

11.30-11.40   The Value of Addressing Patients’ Pre-expectations Before Initiation of Intrathecal Baclofen Treatment for Disabling Spasticity
Stina Gunnarsson

11.40-11.50   A novel paired associative stimulation protocol with a high-frequency peripheral component: review of results in spinal cord injury rehabilitation
Anastasia Shulga


Saturday May 7, 2022
Moderator: Johanna Wangdell and Nora Sandholt                                                                                                                 

10.30-10.40   New to spinal cord injuries? – An interactive online course for rehabilitation staff
Ann-Sofi Lamberg

10.40-10.50   The LifestyleApp – a health application for persons living with SCI
Tobias Holmlund

10.50-11.00   The vulnerable superhero - Spinal cord injury peer mentors’ experiences of their role in Active Rehabilitation training programs, a qualitative study
Josefine Lindén

11.00-11.10   Prevalence of shoulder pain and associated factors in persons with spinal cord injury across five countries
Vegard Strøm

11.10-11.20   Body Composition Assessment and Prediction Formulas after Spinal Cord Injury
David Dolbow

11.20-11.30   Unmet need for improved treatment of neurogenic bowel dysfunction in a non-hospital setting
Klaus Krogh

11.30-11.40   Return-to-work after spinal cord injury: the development and evaluation of ReWork-SCI
Lisa Holmlund

11.40-11.50   Hearing the voice of caregivers to children with Spinal Cord Injury – a systematic scoping review
Elin Salmiranta


Poster Walks 

Join us for a poster walk during lunch hours.
Bring your lunch and listen to a short oral presentation for a more profound decripition of a few selected poster. 

Thursday May 5, 12:45 - 13:15
Moderator Rikke Hansen

Therese Ramström
Camilla Marie Larsen
Johanna Wangdell
Jasmin Mangold
Erik Tullin
Martina Bendt

Friday May 6, 12:45 - 13:15
Moderator Martina Bendt

Anders Aaby
Maria Moschovou
Nora Sandholdt
Erhard Næss-Schmidt
Hanne Bjørg Slettahjell
Malin Nordin

Special Interest Groups 

Per Ertzgaard, Marika Augutis

1) Welcome and review from last NoSCoS meeting, Per Ertzgaard             
2) New Publications:
• SCIRE- A Systematic Review of Rehabilitation in pediatric SCI, Marika Augutis, PhD, RPT
• SINpedSCI, Kirsti Skavberg Roaldsen, Professor
• From lost in the System to Empowered Parent, Elin Salmiranta, PhD-student 
3) What´s on in each country?
Short presentations by the participants.
Sweden  - Anna Ekesbo Freisinger, MD PhD, Child Neurologist, Director at Astrid Lindgrens Children's hospital, Karolinska University Hospital

Hanne Bjørg Slettahjell, Randi Steensgaard, Line Trine Dalsgaard, Anna-Carin Lagerström

NutriNord_SCI is a Nordic, multidisciplinary network for health-professionals interested in or working with areas linked to nutrition and SCI, who want to take part in the development of relevant education materials for patients and health professionals.NutriNord was established at the NoSCoS meeting in Linköping, Sweden, 2017.

- Welcome to all new and old members
- Short presentation of NutriNord and members
- Presentation of our ongoing work, new material and new ideas
- Topics and discussion from the workshop Noscos in 2019
- Preparation to workshop Noscos 2022
- Future prospects and goals for Nutri Nord (including web-activities)

Everyone who is curious and/or wants to participate in NutriNord’s work is welcome to join our SIG-meeting. 

Line Olsson, Birgitte Hansen, Wolfram Antepohl
Invited guests: Rafael Holmgren, neurosurgeon, Linköping and Nanna Brix Finnerup, pain specialist, Aarhus.

Syringomyelia is a rare but rather complex and potentially devastating complication to spinal cord injury. Both a conservative approach and neurosurgery may be advocated, but evidence is very limited.
How do we adress the patients’ needs as professionals working with SCI patients? What experience is there concerning physical exercises, ADL, pain management? How can we collaborate between disciplines to identify patients that will profit from neurosurgery - and those that will not? What kind of rehab do patients need after neurosurgery? What projects/research initiatives are going on?
Come and exchange experiences concerning these and other questions in our special interest group on syringomyelia

Need any help? Please get in touch we will be happy to assist you.