Zoom for the research school and SIG-Writing 2022

We have decided to have zoom versions of the research school and the SIG-writing 2022 conferences.
After consideration of options we have decided to provide  low-budget non-equivalent zoom attendance options. 

Every session will have a zoom breakout room and a host in Umeå who will assure all is working properly and sort issues if they arise.

For the research school:
The non-equiavalent zoom version may mean that some sessions will be unavailable via zoom, and that groups for discussions will be separate for those attending via zoom and this attending in Umeå.

The lectures will be provided via screen-sharing, with questions posed via the zoom chat. 

For the SIG-writing conference:
When presenting: you will present via zoom and the share screen function. We will project your presentation for those in your session to see and hear. 

When attending other presentations: All presentations will made using share screen in zoom. Those attending via zoom will be asked to write any question(s) in the zoom chat.

Between sessions we will leave the zoom breakout rooms open so that you can socialise with other zoom attendees.

More detailed instructions about how to use our low-budget non-equivalent zoom conference will be provided immediately before the conference.