Research School SIG Writing

Registration is now closed!

You can only register for the Research School if the abstract you submitted was accepted. Please do not register if you did not submit an abstract for the Research School. Abstracts submitted to the Main Conference do not count for the Research School.

Hybrid conference


Zoom for the research school and SIG-writing 2022
We have decided to have zoom versions of the research school and the SIG-writing 2022 conferences. After consideration of options we have decided to provide  low-budget non-equivalent zoom attendance options. 
Every session will have a zoom breakout room and a host in Umeå who will assure all is working properly and sort issues if they arise.

Deadline for registration is April 30th.

For the research school:
The non-equivalent zoom version may mean that some sessions will be unavailable via zoom, and that groups for discussions will be separate for those attending via zoom and this attending in Umeå. The lectures will be provided via screen-sharing, with questions posed via the zoom chat.


The two-day research school Integrating multiple perspectives on writing will precede the SIGWriting 2022 conference in Umeå, Sweden. We invite PhD researchers and other emerging researchers to apply.

Arrival: Friday 17th June 2022 between 15:00 and 18:00

Departure: Sunday 19th June 2022, late afternoon

Location: Strömbäck Folkhögskola, with the possibility to attend via a low-cost zoom alternative. This budget zoom version will not provide an equivalent experience, but rather a window into the research school. Some aspects of the research school will be sub-optimal via the zoom alternative.

The research school, Integrating multiple perspectives on writing, provides an interactive environment where approaches to researching writing, and the advantages and challenges of integrating them will be discussed. In the beautiful Swedish countryside you will get a unique opportunity to learn about the latest ideas and methods in writing research, to participate in thematic workshops, and to discuss your project with writing research experts.

We welcome proposals from all research fields related to the study of writing, and at any stage of the research process.

We offer a range of presentations forms. Please select the form that best fits where you are in your project and in relation to the type of feedback you need:

Paper presentations last 30 minutes, including 15 minutes for questions and discussion. Please plan your presentation in a way to allow some questions within your presentation time and end your presentation with a couple of questions in order to stimulate discussion after the presentation.

The research poster is a popular method of presenting research findings succinctly through a combination of text and graphics. At this research school posters must be printed and the space available is A0 portrait, i.e., 1189mm (height) X 841mm (width). At the poster session, all author will first pitch and summarize their poster for 5 minutes, before people will mingle and you will have the chance to explain your research in more detail and answer questions in one-to-one /small group conversations.

To start the discussion you will give 5-minute summary of your paper. Then a more senior academic will discusses your manuscript with you with a view to improving your draft article and the written presentation of your work. If you are accepted to this presentation form you will be expected to submit a max 7000-word manuscript by 15th May 2022.


  1. Presentation form (paper presentation, poster or manuscript discussion)
  2. Title
  3. Author(s) and affiliation(s)
  4. 350 word abstract including references with the following form
    1. Aim and background
    2. Research question(s) / area of investigation
    3. Design
    4. (Preliminary/expected) data / findings, if there are any.

Transportation from Umeå to Strömbäck

Transportation will be arranged from Strömbäck back to Umeå on Sunday afternoon, however participants will need to arrange their own transportation from Umeå to Strömbäck on Friday. 

Strömbäck Folkhögskola
Strömbäck 360
905 82 Umeå

Bus: Länstrafiken line 126 Umeå - Norrmjöle - Hörnefors. Please note, the bus stop is roughly 500 meters from the venue. 
To Länstrafiken's travel planner

Driving Directions:
From Umeå: Take the E4 south and turn off towards Norrmjöle. Cross the viaduct and continue for 11 kilometers along the same road. Shortly after the sign Strömbäck, it is time to turn left. Then continue 350 meters straight ahead. Parking is on the left side.
From the south: Take the E4 north. Turn off at Sörmjöle and drive towards Norrmjöle. Wind your way 13 km along the crooked road and then turn right into Strömbäck. Continue 350 meters straight ahead. Parking is on the left side.
Click here to contact Ecotaxi for taxi services.


E-mail your abstract to before 31 October 2021. Use “SIGWRITING 2022 Research School abstract” as the subject line. Notifications about acceptance will be emailed on the 1 December 2021.

Please contact Nina Vandermeulen if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Umeå! (or in the low-cost budget zoom alternative)

Erika Sturk, Nina Vandermeulen, and Maria Levlin