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Participant fees

  ESPR course fees Date Until 8 April From 9 April
      Incl VAT Excl VAT Incl VAT Excl VAT
  ESPR Member 30-31 May 560 EUR 463 EUR 620 EUR 512 EUR
  Non-member 30-31 May 670 EUR 554 EUR 750 EUR 620 EUR
  Resident ESPR Member 30-31 May 315 EUR 260 EUR 370 EUR 306 EUR
  Resident Non-member 30-31 May 330 EUR 273 EUR 390 EUR 322 EUR
  Radiographer 30-31 May 330 EUR 273 EUR 430 EUR 355 EUR
  Low- and middle-income countries* 30-31 May 330 EUR 273 EUR 330 EUR 273 EUR
  Optional fees Date Price      
      Incl VAT Excl VAT    
  Inter-CAP day pass (optional) 29 May 120 EUR 99 EUR    
  Joint Dinner event - Inter-CAP and ESPR 29 May   95 EUR 86 EUR    

The registration fee for ESPR course includes:

The registration fee for Inter-CAP course day pass includes:


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ESPR Member

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Resident ESPR Member

Resident ESPR Non-member
  Low- and middle-income countries*

Reverse charge - Spanish companies only**

ESPR Member


Reverse charge - Spanish
companies only**

ESPR Non-Member


Reverse charge - Spanish companies only**



Reverse charge - Spanish companies only**

Resident ESPR Member


Reverse charge - Spanish
companies only**

Resident ESPR Non-member





*This fee is only valid for participants from low- or middle-income countries. Registrations will be checked and we reserve the right to change the fee if the requirements are not fullfilled. Here you will find which countries this fee applies for.

**For individual registrations paid by a company/cooperation established in Spain revers charge is applicable. In order to make the registation and receive reserve charge you need to be able to provide a valid VAT ID number or Tax Identification number (so called NIF).

Booking policy

Cancellation of Registration

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing and sent to Travel Team Sweden AB, the conference secretariat. Cancellation of registration will be accepted until 28 March 2024, up to which date the total amount will be refunded minus EUR 100 for cancellation fee. We regret that no refunds or reductions of fees will be accepted for cancellations made after 28 March 2024, nor for no-shows for any reasons.

Change of Name

If you should be unable to attend, you will be given the opportunity to send a colleague in your place. Please contact the congress secretariat as soon as possible. An administration fee of EUR 20 will then be charged.

Payment information

Payment is made by invoice via the payment solution Billecta or secure card payment through the payment service SwePay. 

Payment by invoice

Invoice address is provided by the delegate when making the registration.

Payment by credit card

Invoice address is provided by the delegate when making the registration. This address will be stated on the receipt. If you have chosen to pay by credit card, you will finalize your payment before receiveing a confirmation. 

Changes in the information may occur.