Cecilia Ramberg (Host and Speaker)
LIGHTer, Sweden

Cecilia Ramberg is a senior researcher at RISE. Since 2016 she has been the director of LIGHTer - the hub of Swedish lightweight technology development.

Cecilia Århammar
 ”Improving properties and quality of 3D printed parts with graphene”

Cecilia Århammar holds a M.Sc. in Material’s Chemistry, and has close to ten years of experience in the cutting tool industry at Sandvik, including an industrial Ph.D. in computational physics on design of hard coatings on cemented carbides from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

In 2015 Cecilia did a Post-Doc at Uppsala University, where she worked on the functionalization and characterization of Upsalite - a porous amorphous magnesium carbonate. She continued working with the development of Upsalite at the startup company Disruptive Materials AB, playing a key role in innovation and R&D.

In 2022, Cecilia became the Research Area Manager at Graphmatech, a deep tech company that enables the green transition with graphene. At Graphmatech, Cecilia works with R&D and business development related to metals for electrification, polymers for the hydrogen economy and conductive polymers for 3D printing, as well as in the recent breakthrough in battery recycling.

Allan K. Poulsen
Vestas, Denmark

"Circular composite components"

Allan K. Poulsen holds a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Physical Chemistry. He started at Vestas in February 2019 in the Innovation & Concepts Department and is Head of Materials and Sustainable Scaling. His focus is on development of sustainable materials and blade design and manufacturing technologies for Vestas future product portfolio. He has been working with business, technology and material development throughout his whole career. He is active in several national and international wind organizations on sustainability and a part of the core group working across the full Vestas value chain with development and implementation of Vestas global sustainability strategy and is heading the part of the strategy with focus on circularity.

Henrik Jackman
Cell Impact, Sweden

"Scaling up Green Hydrogen with Cell Impact Forming" 

Henrik Jackman has been working at Cell Impact since 2017. In his role as Chief Application Engineer, he has helped customers from all over the world to design more than 50 fuel cell and electrolyzer flow plates for manufacturing. This work has included analysis of e.g. formed and welded geometry as well as material selections. Henrik has also led several public development projects on fuel cells in Sweden and has a background with a PhD in Physics from 2014.

Marc Fette
Composite Technology Center / CTC GmbH (An AIRBUS Company), Germany

"Sustainable aviation enabled by lightweight design and composite technologies"

Marc Fette holds an M.Sc. and MBA, and is certified at IPMA Level B and serves as a Quality Manager and Auditor for DAkkS. Since June 2019, Marc has been in the Management Board and since 2021 the CEO of the Composite Technology Center / CTC in Stade, an Airbus Company, where he also sits on the leadership circle of the Airbus Group.

Ole Thybo Thomsen
National Composites Centre (NCC), Bristol, UK

"Academia/RTO/industry partnership in composites research and innovation to deliver prosperity and NetZero”

Ole Thybo Thomsen holds MSc and PhD degrees from Aalborg University, Denmark. Currently, he is co-director for Bristol Composites Institute, University of Bristol, UK. Previous positions at the University of Southampton, UK; Aalborg University, Denmark; University of Delaware, USA; Israel Institute of Technology – Technion, Israel; European Space Technology & Research Centre, the Netherlands. Key expertise areas: structural design, analysis, testing and manufacturing of composites and composite structures. Chairman of the Danish Research Council for Technology and Productions Sciences / Independent Research Fund Denmark 2012-2014 (equivalent to Swedish VR). Led multiple research projects funded by national and European research councils and industry, with a total funding portfolio of over £40M. European editor, Composites Part B: Engineering (Elsevier, IF=13.2).

Knighted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in 2012, and is a Fellow of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.

Tomas Ireman
Saab AB, Sweden

Tomas Ireman holds a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University and PhD degree in Lightweight Design from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has a long experience from development of design and analysis methods for composite structures and has been head of the Structural Analysis department at Saab Aeronautics. Current position is as strategist, coordinator and business developer for Research and Technology at Saab Aeronautics. 

Damien Guillon
Cetim, France

“Composite material, additive manufacturing and far more:
overview of lightening solutions from the mechanical engineering industry"

With a Mechanical Engineering PhD from "Institut Supérieur de l’aéronautique et de l’espace", and over two decades in the realms of mechanical engineering and materials science, Damien Guillon has a profound expertise across diverse sectors and roles. His PhD focused on energy absorption mechanisms during progressive crushing of CFRP laminated structures at Airbus central research and technology. In 2009 Damien began his career at CETIM, starting out as a composite testing engineer and advancing over the years to become R&D Manager of the “Polymer & composite engineering” department in 2018.  Since 2022, Damien holds the position of R&D Manager of the "Material, product and process” business unit at CETIM.

Stefan Pogatscher
Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria

"Transforming End-of-Life Vehicle Scrap into High-Value Aluminium Alloys"

Stefan Pogatscher is a professor for "Metallurgy of Sustainable Light Metal Alloys" and the head of the Department Metallurgy at Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Austria. He received his doctorate from the same university and was a post-doc at the at ETH Zurich. Since 2018, he also leads the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Advanced Aluminum Alloys. His research focuses on the metallurgy of sustainable light metals and high-resolution material characterization. He has received numerous important prizes, like an ERC Consolidator Grant in 2023. The project HETEROCIRCAL addresses intermetallic phase heterostructured circular aluminium alloys, which will be discussed in the talk.

Peter Linde
German Aerospace Center, Germany

Peter Linde holds a Master's degree from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in structural mechanics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich. Following his Ph.D., Peter worked as a Postdoc researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, before he became a Research Engineer at Airbus Operations in Hamburg. In 2018, Peter was appointed as an Adjunct Professor on a part time basis at Chalmers University in the Department of Industrial and Materials Science, in addition to his work for Airbus.

For the past three years, he holds a position as a Scientific Officer at the German Aerospace Center DLR, co-administering the National German Aeronautics Research Program on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. Peter's presentation will introduce the national German aviation research program and new collaborative opportunities between the program and Swedish national programs.

Magdalena Sandström
Diab Group, Sweden

With 20 years in leading positions at the composite solutions and material provider Diab, Magdalena Sandström brings a versatile experience on opportunities and challenges to develop competitive lighter solutions in industries targeting green energy and mobility on sea, air, and land. Magdalena holds a degree as MSc in Chemical Engineering from Lund University.

Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck
OceanSky Cruises, Sweden

"Decarbonised aviation with airships"

Aviation as we know it is, and will be for the long term, reliant on fossil fuels. It is essential for us to take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprint and for this reason, Carl-Oscar has become an entrepreneur to lead the launch of airships into the commercial market. Carl-Oscar strongly believes in the power of lighter-than-air technology to decarbonise aviation and be the first meaningful answer to clean air travel. 

Carl-Oskar is CEO at OceanSky Cruises, but before he began this journey he worked as a commercial pilot and has a demonstrated history of working within the airlines/aviation industry. His educational background and experience also include Operations Management, Security, Flight Safety, Economics, Transportation systems and Logistics.

Christian Rosenkilde
Norsk Hydro’s Corporate Technology Office 

"Decarbonizing aluminium"

Christian Rosenkilde holds a PhD in inorganic chemistry from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and Science, NTNU. He serves as Company Specialist at Norsk Hydro’s Corporate Technology Office. Christian has many years of experience from the aluminium industry and has over the years been engaged in several large development projects. These days he is spending a lot of his time trying to decarbonize aluminium production. He also holds an adjunct professorship in materials technology at NTNU.

Jennifer Nylander
GKN Aerospace Engines

“Transitioning an aerospace company to sustainability – how hard can it be?” 

Johanna has a PhD in product development and a focus on circular economy and sustainable product development. With over a decade of experience in the aerospace industry, her work has been focused on sustainability since 2015. As a sustainability specialist at GKN Aerospace Engines, she has developed several methods and tools to assess products from a sustainability perspective across various phases of the development process. Currently she is working with sustainability from a strategic perspective guiding the company to become the most sustainable partner in the sky.