Sean Brayford-Harris
Sean is UK Paramedic with over a decade of combined NHS experience; currently employed by the London Ambulance Service (LAS) and seconded to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) as an Interoperability Development Officer - aiming to improve inter-service clinical collaboration.

He has an interest in the clinical development of High Threat Medicine for both clinical and policing responders (including emergency response and patrol teams, public order and specialist firearms command) and has found himself uniquely placed with a local and national reach withing working groups across policing and health.

Sean is a co-developer of the new NHS Ten Second Triage tool, an author on Public Order Medicine and undertakes his clinical work as part of the LAS Tactical Response Unit. He is currently studying at Queen Marys / Barts & The London for an MSc in Tactical, Military, Austere and Operational Medicine and during the early stages of his career, reached the dazzling heights of Corporal with the British Army Reserve.

Robert Major

Dr Rob Major FRCEM, FIMC, MA, MSyI, is an Emergency Medicine consultant who is now Deputy Medical Director at the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA). He leads the EAAA RAID pre hospital research team and is an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia. He recently retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army Reserve, serving as the Senior Medical Officer for a specialist infantry regiment. He has deployed on many overseas operations and is an expert in covert and grey zone tactical medical care, with a Masters Degree in Intelligence and Security Studies.

Dan Dworkis

Emergency physician focused on exploring how individuals and teams apply knowledge under extreme pressure and perform at their best when it matters the most. Assistant professor Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.

Founder of The Emergency Mind Project.  A pioneering think tank that empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to optimize performance under high-pressure situations and emergencies.

Chief Medical Officer of The Mission Critical Team Institute. An applied research organization that exists to improve the success, survivability, and sustainability of mission critical teams operating in elite military, aerospace, frontline medical, and other high-intensity environments.

Peter Martin Hansen

Dr. Peter Martin Hansen, MD, MSc, PhD student, is a senior consultant in pre-hospital care and emergency medicine at Odense University Hospital and holds a master’s degree in major incident communication from University of Stavanger. He is doing a PhD on ambulance and helicopter response time association with outcome and mortality. He has a background as a specialist anesthesiologist and intensivist. He works at Odense University Hospital when not working on Danish Air Ambulance HEMS, the mobile emergency care unit or as a EMDC physician. He is educated in Tactical Emergency Medicine Service (TEMS) from Finland and the Danish TECC course. He is interested in emergency and disaster medicine and has hands-on experience from several major incidents. Peter Martin recently published a case report on the 2 July 2022 Field’s Mall mass shooting in Copenhagen, with emphasis on major incident communication and TEMS performance.

Stephen Hearns

Stephen is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and is the lead consultant for Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service. This aeromedical retrieval service delivers pre-hospital critical care for major trauma patients, rural hospital secondary retrievals and major incident responses. Inspired by experience gained working on London’s air ambulance and in Queensland Australia, Stephen led the establishment of this team from a small voluntary service in 2004 to what is now a fully government funded aeromedical retrieval organisation with an international reputation.

He is the author on the best selling book ”Peak performance under pressure” and is a true expert on the topic.

Peter Hulme

Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital since 2016. Interests include trauma, medical apps to improve communication and tropical medicine. Here is his blogpost on Tactical Trauma 19 https://www.stemlynsblog.org/tact19-st-emlyns-on-tour-with-pete-hulme/

Alice Hutin

Dr Hutin is an emergency physician working at the SAMU de Paris for almost 10 years, specialized in prehospital emergency medicine and acute care. Her clinical activity is divided between the Mobile Intensive Care Unit, the emergency call center and the prehospital ECPR team. She has a PhD and post doc in fundamental research on cardiac arrest, more specifically on ventilation during cardiac arrest, refractory cardiac arrest requiring ECPR, and post cardiac arrest care with ultra-fast hypothermia using total liquid ventilation.

Caroline Leech

Caroline Leech is Deputy Clinical Lead of The Air Ambulance Service and has 25 years of prehospital clinical experience.  She is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Coventry, the West Midlands Trauma Network Director, and the Trauma Lead for the Institute for Applied & Translational Technologies in Surgery (IATTS). Caroline is currently undertaking a NIHR funded Clinical Research Scholarship with Warwick University. Her research interests include maternal out of hospital cardiac arrest, calcium in traumatic haemorrhage, and frailty in major trauma. She is committed to improving equality and diversity in PHEM, and promoting strategies for supporting the wellbeing and psychosocial care of prehospital responders.

Jörgen Melau

Norwegian viking with 10 years’ experience as a rescue paramedic in the Norwegian Air Ambulance. PhD and extreme physiology expert. Currently working in the Norwegian Armed Forces at the Cold Weather Operations Medical Research Office.Doing research in Arctic TCCC, Hypothermia, cold water swimming, SIPE, Special Forces Operations and Emergency Medicine. He is also the chief of the medical and safety crew at the Norseman race, which is widely considered to be one of the hardest, most extreme multisport events in the world.


Pasha Munro

To sum up the extensive CV of Pasha Munro:

Grit, excellence, high performance and getting things done. From a challenging start in life to a long career in elite military units and as operator in the Tier 1 Special Boat Service (SBS).

Nowadays PM brings a wealth of expertise and operational excellence to his role as Operations Director BBG with a distinguished background as an ex-SF operator, embodies the highest standards of professionalism, strategic thinking, and risk management.

PM’s unwavering commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and ability to navigate complex security challenges position him as a trusted leader within the organisation.

Aebhric O´Kelly

Aebhric is a former US Army Green Beret, a Psychologist and a board-certified Critical Care Paramedic. He is a founder of the College of Remote and Offshore Medicine Foundation which offers academic programmes for the remote, austere and offshore industries. Aebhric taught on the NATO Special Operations Combat Medic course in Pfullendorf, Germany and taught Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support (BATLS) for the MoD. Well known speaker at high profile conferences like SOMSA, CMC etc. He is also a member of the Faculty Advisory Board for the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. Make sure to listen to him on the COROM podcasts!

Stephen O´Neill

Advanced Paramedic x 20 years with National Ambulance Service  in Prehospital Care. Paramedic Tutor.  Incident Response Team member . Tactical Medic , TEMS team lead , wilderness medic , mountain rescue. MSc. Immediate Care UCD. Dip. ATACC ATACC Faculty.

John Quinn

Dr. John Quinn is a distinguished healthcare professional with an extensive background in prehospital medical projects. With a Masters in Public Health (MPH), a PhD in Hygiene and Epidemiology, and dual licensure as a paramedic and emergency medical doctor. Dr. Quinn has established and operated remote medicine clinics in conflict zones and remote communities. He has also consulted for NATO and NATO partner nations, specializing in health and medical stability operations during times of war and disaster.
One of Dr. Quinn's significant contributions has been his work in Ukraine, where he provided emergency medical consulting and training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Prolonged Field Care (PFC), and Forward Resuscitative Care (FRC). He played a pivotal role in establishing a prehospital whole blood program for Ukraine, enhancing the country's medical capabilities. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Quinn continued to make a difference by offering clinical expertise both in the United Kingdom and Ukraine, supporting healthcare systems at the Organization for Security Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE), Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine.
In early 2022, Dr. Quinn deployed to Ukraine where he provided critical emergency medical support, facilitated medical evacuations, and conducted prehospital medical care, including Role 1 and Role 2 Damage Control Resuscitation and Surgery (DCR/DCS). His role has evolved to include serving as an ad hoc PreHospital advisor ensuring that prehospital healthcare remains at the forefront of medical excellence in challenging environments and support Ukraine’s alignment with NATO standards and Global Health Engagement.

Fabien Ramon

Dr Ramon is a French Operational Doctor, who worked for 7 years as a Tactical Doc within the French GIGN unit (counter terrorism), facing all the 2015 events, and several missions abroad. He has experience as Chief Doctor of the French Military AeroMedevac Unit. In parallel, he's a Mental Performance Coach, trained at Hypnology and NLP, and is currently training Carers Team, helping them to improve their emotional skills and to better manage crisis situations.

Matt Sztajnkrycer

Board-certified in emergency medicine, medical toxicology, and emergency medical services, Matt Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD, NRP serves as Consultant and Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Dr. Sztajnkrycer has over 25-years-experience in operational and prehospital medicine. A former sworn part-time deputy sheriff, he currently serves as medical director and tactical physician for the Rochester/Olmsted County Emergency Response Unit (SWAT), the Austin /Mower County Special Incident Response Team (SIRT) and the South-Central Drug Investigation Unit (SCDIU) SWAT team. Dr Sztajnkrycer has lectured nationally and internationally on high-threat medicine and law enforcement medical decision-making. He is actively engaged in law enforcement medical research, focusing upon immediate life-saving interventions for the downed officer. He currently serves as chair of the C-TECC Working group revising Evacuation Care guidelines. For his efforts in the field of tactical medicine, Dr Sztajnkrycer received the American College of Emergency Physicians Tactical Emergency Medicine 2021 Visionary Leadership Award.

Mariusz Urbaniak

Former operator from polish Tier 1 special Unit GROM.

Currently, the president of the REkonwersja SOF foundation.

In 2019 Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) International SOF Medic of the Year Award.

He was recognized for his courage on the battlefield and contribution to the training of SOF medics in various units.

Awarded and decorated many times, including Bronze medal for merits for national defense, three times the star of Afghanistan, Bronze medal for the Armed Forces in the service of the homeland, Bronze medal for long-term military service, Silver medal for merits for national defense, NATO medal for participating in the ISAF mission, GROM Gold Badge.

For helping a colleague during a combat mission in which he demonstrated bravery, in 2013 he was awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland a Knight's Cross of the Order of the Military Cross.

Martine Van Puyvelde

Professor with perhaps the coolest background of all the faculty at Tactical Trauma: Classical musician!

Mmus, Mpsy, PhD, received a master degree in Music from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels in 1998 (cum laude), a master degree in Clinical Psychology from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2009 (summa cum laude) and a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2014. Licensed Relation- & Family Therapist.

Studying human performance optimization and stress management in adults. In extreme environments and (very) high performance teams. Currently at the Royal Military Academy, Belgium.

Ville Voipio

Finnish anesthesiologist and highly experienced prehospital physician working with FinnHEMS. Interested in all aspects of trauma. Tactical physician and medical director of TEMS northern Finland. A “doer”, photographer and an avid hunter.


Nick is a serving English police officer with a background in the army reserve and search and rescue.  He has worked in both uniform and detective roles, and now oversees policy and curriculum for pre-hospital care in policing in England and Wales, but still manages to escape from the office to deploy operationally as a medic!  He is an honorary lecturer and tutor on the MSc in Tactical, Military, Austere and Operational Medicine at Queen Mary University London, and marker for the Tactical Medicine module of the Diploma in Remote and Offshore Medicine for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 

 Claire Park 

Dr Park is a Consultant in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine for London HEMS, and Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at Kings College Hospital in London. She also is an army consultant with over 20 years of deployed military experience. Claire is the Medical Adviser to the Specialist Firearms teams of the Metropolitan Police Service, and has worked closely with all of the emergency services in London on developing the joint response to high threat incidents, in particular following the attacks of 2017. She is the Chief Investigator on a UK nationally funded research grant looking at evidence for improving patient outcomes in the hot zone of major incidents. She is also a CTECC Committee member.

Dr. Derrick Tin 

Dr. Derrick Tin is a Disaster Medicine specialist with extensive operational experience deploying into austere and remote environments.

He is core faculty Disaster Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School and board member of the World Association for Emergency and Disaster Medicine (WADEM)

Associate Professor Critical Care, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Tin is well-published in the field of Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Medicine and is a renowned international on these topics.

Kevin Rixmann 

Kevin Rixmann is a clinical supervisor at the Minnesota Mobile Resuscitation Consortium and a current flight clinician. Kevin’s background is in adult/pediatric CV surgery ICU, emergency medicine, and pre-hospital care. Kevin is passionate about cardiac and trauma resuscitation and air medical transport.

Maria Larsson


Chris Bishop

Chris is a Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Centre for Trauma Sciences at Queen Mary University of London, UK. His PhD research is focusing on the potential utility of veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA-ECMO) to treat cardiac dysfunction associated with major trauma haemorrhage.

He has a background as a Lead Clinical Perfusionist, where he has gained extensive experience in ECMO and mechanical circulatory support in the management of complex, life-threatening cardiac and respiratory failure and refractory cardiac arrest.

He is passionate about clinical education and regularly instructs on the Resuscitation Council UK ALS and EPALS courses. Recently he has been actively involved with the novel ‘SPEAR’ (Specialist Percutaneous Endovascular Aortic Resuscitation) pre-hospital endovascular resuscitation programme at East Anglia Air Ambulance. Chris is an honorary lecturer in Resuscitation Science for the Institute of Prehospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance. His clinical and research interests span extracorporeal-endovascular resuscitation strategies in shock, cardiac arrest, and traumatic injury – taking these techniques from the traditional confines of the cardiac operating room and ICU to the resuscitation room trauma bay and to the streets!

Tatjana Dill 

Tatjana Dill, EDAIC, completed her training in anaesthesiology and in intensive care medicine in Switzerland. She is currently practicing as an anaesthesiologist while completing a MSc in Medical Education. She gathered experience as a full-time retrieval and as HEMS-physician with the Swiss Air Ambulance and currently supports an EMS in rural Emmental as a Pre-Hospital Emergency Physician. Tatjana is fascinated by high altitude physiology that she likes to experience herself when mountaineering in the Alps.

Iain Beardsell  

Iain has been a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Southampton for 15 years and a Consultant in Pre Hospital Emergency Medicine with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance since 2013. Iain qualified in 1998 and over the past 20 years has trained and practised medicine in major teaching hospitals both in the UK and overseas.

Iain has a strong interest in undergraduate and postgraduate education and as well as being an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Southampton, is also a member of the editorial board of St Emlyn’s – an online blog and podcast.

An acclaimed speaker, Iain has spoken at prestigious international conferences in Australia, Ireland, Austria and Germany as well as across the UK. You will find him on Twitter as @docib.

Liz Crowe

In the last 10 years I have combined hospital clinical work with a PhD and academic research on the wellbeing of healthcare professional. I am an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Queensland.

I work at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital as a staff wellbeing specialist. My role includes debriefing clinical events, executive and leadership coaching, strategic thinking, leadership, and team development, facilitating difficult conversations and resolving team conflict, providing education on a wide range of topics, compassionate conversations with teams, group supervision and much more.

 My background of over 25 years working clinically in paediatric intensive care specialising in working with children and families during times of crisis and bereavement and debriefing and supporting my colleagues informs my current work.

I have been employed by the Australia and New Zealand College of Anaesthetics since 2021 working on a debriefing tool for anaesthetists. The online toolkit I wrote has had over 20 000+ downloads and the nationwide workshops and monthly community of practice is helping to create a culture of debriefing. In 2024 we are developing an online e-module for clinical debriefing.

I love to educate and speak nationally and internationally. (Check out Liz´talks from SMACC, Google tip)

Andres Climent

Flight nurse and intensive care nurse with a huge interest in medical simulation and education.

Part of the Prehospital Critical Care team delivering jawdropping training around the globe.

Paris Rescue, Crash and Learn, HITTER etc. They can be found where there is a cool conference.

Check out their posts on X and Instagram and you will understand the level of medical simulation.


Xavier Losfeld 

CCRN & RNED. TCCC/TECC National Coordinator for NAEMT Belgium. MSc in Public Health (Emergency Medical System and Disaster Medicine) (1998) and Graduate (2001) of University of Liège. Since the beginning of his professional career involved in medical education. Deputy Coordinator at Regional School of EMS (Liège) (2008-2012). ALS/EPALS/ETC/GIC-ERC Instructor and PHTLS/AMLS/TCCC-NAEMT Instructor. Working on education concerning cross-border handover in the EMR (SafePAT) and safety projects as advanced nurse practitioner at CHR Citadelle – Level 1 Trauma Center.