DIGITAL TALK 2021 | 18 FEBRUARY | 10.30 a.m. (UTC+1)


A sustainable regional model considering
protection, development and integration


The role of fruit-growing in protecting the region and landscape: leading experts in Landscape Architecture, Agriculture, Fruit-growing, Economics and Entrepreneurship in an international Digital Talk.


Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner.



In the Sustainability model of the Trentino region there is growing attention to landscape protection as a vital element when completing a circular project where economies of scale, agricultural techniques and respect for local communities are integrated.


During a Digital Talk, qualified European experts will discuss the issue in order to highlight the importance of balanced action between landscape preservation and economic development objectives, citizens’ demand for quality and guarantees, and European and international policies. 


As in other Italian agricultural areas, the Trentino valleys (with their focus on apple production) consider landscape protection no longer a static conservation concept, but a valued dynamic feature, which mirrors the health and vitality of a unique area and a key factor in economic development. The Trentino fruit-growing sector searched for a balance between landscape and economic development, and with its willing producers backed by internationally recognised research institutes, started many initiatives aimed at regional multifunctionality – the interconnection between areas such as woods, meadows, urbanised environments and orchards. The challenge will be to create an increasingly cross-sectoral economic approach.