You will experience knowledgeable and exciting speakers who will get you prepared for today’s reality. We promise hands-on takeaways that will inspire you to take action. 


Inma Martinez

What Will Set the Leaders of Tomorrow Apart

Inma is a technology pioneer and AI expert who advises leaders in harnessing the digital economy for progress and well-being. Her experiences make her an expert in predicting digital change and AI's potential.


Nicklas Hermansson

AI and the Future of Humans

Nicklas is a futurist and AI specialist; he weekly analyzes 2500 global trends and news for leading outlets like Aftonbladet and SVT, and the forward-looking media house NomoFomo.


Henrik Larsson-Broman

Mastering the AI Sales Landscape:
Future-Proof Your B2B Marketing and Sales

Henrik is an expert in B2B sales trends and strategy, with two decades of study and multiple publications to his name.

Emma Storbacka

From AI Hype to Reality -
A Framework for Commercial Leaders

Emma is the CEO at Avaus; she shows how sales and marketing organizations can do more with less.


Azra Osmancevic

The Legal Aspect

She navigates the complex intersection of law and technology, as ex. Vice President of Operations Nordics at Viaplay Group and co-founder of the legal tech startup Justic.



The Line-Up Industry Insights

Our line-up of leaders from the business world will impart their knowledge and personal experiences and offer sessions rich in inspiration and practical guidance.