Digital exhibition

During the conference we will offer the participants a digital exhibition. The goal is to create a digital room where suppliers and participants can meet, where participants can listen to lectures and where suppliers get the opportunity to show their products in a digital exhibition stand.

Exhibitors at the 8th Nordic Conference on Feeding Disorders in Infancy and early Childhood, will have the opportunity to create their own digital exhibition stand. The stand has functions for communicating in picture and text, but also possibilities to interact live via chat and livestream.

As an option, exhibitors can also have the possibility for the participants to book one-to-one meetings, which gives visitors the opportunity to pre-book individual meetings with exhibitors during the conference.

Every visit and click at a stand is registered and a report on who has visited the stad is generated.

There is also a notice of interest function in the stand that generates a notice to the exhibitor that a participant would like to get in touch.

The stand created by the exhibitor via the congress digital platform and can be adjusted up to 2 weeks before the conference starts.

For prices and to register as an exhibitor please see Registration in the meny above.

Example of how the digital exhibition stand can look like: