10th - 11th October 2023
Villa Baiana Winery
Franciacorta | Brescia | Italy


The second edition of the international forum is focused on sustainability and decarbonization of the automotive industry. Not only car lightening (this topic was the focus of the first edition), but also a strong reduction of the usage of fossil source energy is now mandatory for our future environment.

To meet the very strict new limit of emission, all players in the automotive industries have to actively contribute to this radical change. The recent developments in Europe to lengthen the time available continue use of the internal combustion engine will surely influence the development strategy of the OEMs and we should be ready for this as an industry.

All OEMs are concentrating their developments on increasing the usage of more sustainable materials, reducing waste, developed hybrid and full electrical propulsions, but also on reducing the complexity of their products.

Light metal foundries are evidently a key link in the OEM supplier chain for making more sustainable vehicles, and their entire manufacturing process must be reviewed and changed to keep pace with the global pressure for reduced costs.

Foundry suppliers must be ready to face this challenge and propose more sustainable solutions which at the same time will reduce the cast part industrial costs at a reasonable return of investment time.

As for the first edition, the forum will be a two-day event held in a luxury villa located in Franciacorta close to lake Iseo. There will be a visit to Idra plant, where two Giga Presses ready for shipment will be visible, plus several other innovative die casting machines.

Besides, all Foundry Star Alliance and Speakers’ companies will be at your disposal at the “Square” – an area where tabletops and technical representatives will wait for you to discuss on real casting cases and explain the latest developments in mass production for large scale aluminium components.

Giga Casting is one way for reducing industrial cost and Idra together with the FSA is proud to be the pioneers in this new process.

The audience will be a select number of top aluminium foundries managers (CEO, owners, Engineering Directors, and Plant Managers), European journalists and important persons of the Lombardia Province, invited by Idra and FSA partners.

Speakers of the forum will give a general overview of the automotive business and talk about new solutions, now available or under development, for an eco-friendly automotive industries. Not commercial presentation but 100% technical oriented. The focus will be on carbon free production, productivity increases, energy savings, full recyclability and zero emission solutions.

The Forum is held exclusively in English and has a limited number of places.