As an organiser, we are working hard when planning the conference to reduce the impact on the environment and climate. However, a conference of this size always affects the environment due to the amount of people participating in the conference e.g. the increased travel, food and waste et cetera.

Gothenburg is the most sustainable meeting destination in the world according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index 2016, 2017 and 2018.
The Global Destination Sustainability (GDS) Index compares cities to determine how well they meet a long list of sustainability criteria in four different categories: social, supplier, convention bureau and environmental. The GDS-index was created to help Destinations, Convention Bureaus, Event Planners and Suppliers drive the adoption and recognition of sustainable practices in their city and in the global events industry.
Read about Gothenburg and Sustainability here >>

The venue – The Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre
When choosing The Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre as our venue we feel confident that ICCA Scandinavian Chapter meeting will live up to our sustainability standards. For The Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre the work on sustainability goes back several years and is under constant development. The venue is certified according to ISO 20121. Read about The Swedish Exhibition and Congress centre and Sustainability here >>

ICCA Scandinavitan Chapter meeting efforts to reduce carbon footprint / Environmental policy
Green meetings are based on a sustainability framework which balances environmental, economic and social impacts in the context of an Association’s business needs. The conference is working towards having a limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources. This includes amongst other things to electronically circulating meeting materials, online file sharing, not produce unnecessary conference material and products and if so choose environmental friendly and socially friendly products as well as providing healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in central locations.

Although hosting an entirely sustainable meeting does take work, it’s worth the effort, and implementing some environmentally friendly practices can make a positive impact and generate sustainable solutions. These guidelines are provided for coordinators, committees and contractors to the conference and aim to educate and inspire continued mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. 

We hope and think that ICCA Scandinavian Chapter meeting will inspire to a sustainable focus on organizing this event in the future as well.


Some of the things we do:


What you as a visitor can do:

Please participate in a climate friendly way!