Wednesday March 29, 9.00-12.00 - Pre-Course
Johan Zelano and Francesco Brigo

Conference room: Europa, Wallenberg Center

09.00-09.15 Welcome
Francesco Brigo, Johan Zelano 

09.15-10.00 Diagnosis of epilepsy in the context of other brain disease: application of the ILAE definition 
Johan Zelano

10.00-10.30 Coffee break 

10.30-11.15 Treatment of symptomatic seizures and structural epilepsies: a methodological journey
Francesco Brigo

11.15-11.30 Drug resistant structural epilepsy
Francesco Brigo

11.30-12.00 Health impact of different acquired epilepsies – an introduction  
Johan Zelano

12.00 Lunch
for delegates at the pre-course

Wednesday March 29, 13.00-17.00 - STESS conference

Conference room: Wallenbergsalen

Session 1: Preclinical / epileptogenesis / disease modification

13.00-13.10 Opening remarks
Francesco Brigo and Johan Zelano

13.10-13.50  The immune system in epileptogenesis
Alberto Vogrig, Italy

13.50-14.30 Mechanisms of epileptogenesis in preclinical studies 
Emilio Russo, Italy

14.30-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-15.40 Modulating epileptogenesis: past and present human trials
Eugen Trinka, Austria 

15.40-16.20  Is there familial vulnerability for symptomatic epilepsies?
Jakob Christensen, Denmark

16.30-17.00 Platform session: Preclinical / epileptogenesis / disease modification

16.30 Prenatal exposure to valproate and other antiseizure medication and risk of epilepsy in children of affected mothers
Julie W Dreier

16.45 Brain injury markers in blood in a regional epilepsy cohort
Sarah Akel

17.00-17.45 Diagnosis and treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome and seizures associated with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

Sponsored by JAZZ Pharmaceuticals

Welcome & Introduction
Professor Morten Lossius, SSE Oslo, Norway   

Diagnosis and treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome and seizures associated with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
Dr Katri Silvennoinen, Kuopio University Hospital, Dept. of Neurology, Finland

Clinical practice & closing remarks
Professor Morten Lossius, SSE Oslo, Norway

17.45-19.30 Welcome reception
at Wallenberg center
Hosted by the City of Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland

Thursday March 30 - STESS Conference

Session 2: Risk factors and biomarkers

09.00-09.40 The value of EEG as biomarker of epileptogenesis and seizures recurrence in different acquired epilepsies
Carla Bentes, Portugal

09.40-10.20 Reperfusion therapies and the risk of poststroke epilepsy 
Petra Redfors, Sweden

10.20-10.50 Coffee break

10.50-11.30  The immune reaction as a potential biomarker in epilepsy
Christine Ekdahl, Sweden

11.30-12.00 Platform session: Risk factors and biomarkers 
11.30: Is revascularization in ischemic stroke associated with risk of post-stroke epilepsy?
Mads Q Ebbesen

11.45: Risk factors for post-stroke seizures following revascularization therapies: Data from the population of Modena, northern Italy
Niccolò Orlandi

12.00-12.25  Lunch

12.25-13.25 Epilepsy and dementia
Sponsored by Eisai AB

Welcome & Introduction
Clinical neurophysiologist Troels W. Kjaer, Denmark

Epilepsy/hyperexcitability in neurodegenerative diseases
Professor Anita Kamondi, Budapest, Hungary

Imaging biomarker of disease progression in epilepsy and AD
Professor Matthias J Koepp, London, UK

Discussion and closing remarks
All. Chairperson: Dr Troels W. Kjaer, Denmark

Session 3: Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

13.25-14.05  Serum biomarkers for the diagnosis of structural acquired epilepsies
Laura Abraira, Spain

14.05-14.35  Tailored ASM selection in acquired epilepsy based on big data
Johan Zelano, Sweden

14.35-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-15.40 Predicting treatment resistance in acquired epilepsies
Simona Lattanzi, Italy

15.40-16.20 Prognosis of symptomatic epilepsies: the impact on survival
Rob Rouhl, The Netherlands

16.20-17.10 Platform session
16.20 Risk of epilepsy after a first post-traumatic seizure
Markus Karlander

16.35: RISE score: a predictive tool to assess the risk of epilepsy after aneurismatic subarachnoid hemorrhage
Daniel Campos-Fernández
16.50: Prediction of long-term unprovoked seizures after status epilepticus in structural lesions
Estevo Santamarina

Friday March 31 - STESS Conference

Session 4: Prognosis continued, Hot topics 

09.00-09.40 Drug withdrawal in structural epilepsies
Morten Lossius, Norway

09.40-10.20 Epilepsy surgery for symptomatic epilepsies
Reetta Kälviäinen, Finland 

10.20-10.50 Coffee break

10.50-11.30  Seizures in and after brain infections
Ley Sander, UCL, UK. 

11.30-12.00  NORSE and FIRES in adults and children - Do we need to think differently? 

Ronny Wickström, Sweden

12.00-12.15  Closing remarks 
Johan Zelano and Francesco Brigo

12.15  Lunch

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