Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations
  • Your presentation: 12-13 minutes, followed by 4-5 minutes of questions from the audience. A maximum of 10 slides (including title and acknowledgement slides). Please do not use automatic slide advance timings.
  • The total duration of each oral session is 90 minutes including 4-5 individual presentations during each session. It is important that you do not overrun your assigned time.
  • The Session Chairs will introduce each presenter prior to his/her presentation and moderate the discussion/questions following each presentation. The presentation order can be found in the attached program. In the program, you will also find the conference rooms where you will hold your presentation.
  • Your “Assigned Presentation ID Number” (1.1, 2.5, 3.2 etc.) indicates the assigned session and presentation order. For example, ”2.4” indicates Oral Session 2 and presenter number 4.
  • Please send a final copy of your presentation via email to and at latest by 13th November CET 17:00, so we can have your presentations uploaded and ready in the computers at your respective rooms at the conference venue. If possible, please also bring a backup of your presentation on a USB-stick.

Poster presentations

  • Posters must have a portrait orientation with any dimension not exceeding a maximum dimension of 100 cm x 200 cm.
  • Poster stands will be placed in the gallery hall. Each poster stand will have a number on it and your poster stand is the one that corresponds to your number in the program (you can find the numbers on the final page of the program).
  • Presenters are requested to attach the posters to their assigned boards prior to the start of the conference, preferable between 8-9 AM.
  • We have two specified poster sessions, 10:00-10:30 and 13:50-14:20. During this time, we will also have a coffee break. Poster presenters are welcome to stand by the poster during the breaks to answer questions from attendees, but it is not mandatory to do so.