Additional information

Financial support of trainees

The Hershey Conference offers a number of mechanisms to support Trainees/Young Investigators.
Tuition reduction for all trainees: All trainees can register for the conference at a reduced rate.
Please include documentation of trainee status at the time of registration, i.e. a letter from supervisor.
Travel Awards: Through a generous grant from the NIH/NINDS, we will offer 4 travel awards to help defray
the costs of attendance for young investigators from the US. These awards will be based on quality of abstract
submission, as evaluated by the Organizing Committee. Each recipient will be invited to present their
work as part of the oral program.

Please indicate eligibility for Young Investigator Travel Award on your abstract submission.
Travel Stipend from the Journal Developmental Neuroscience: For the 2020 conference, there will be
2 additional travel awards supported by a generous gift from Karger. Awards will be determined as above,
but are not limited to young investigators from the US.
Diversity Outreach Stipends: Also supported by the grant from NIH/NINDS we are actively
recruiting young physician scientists and basic scientists from ethnically diverse and underserved
areas at US institutions. Each of these stipends will help to cover tuition and travel.
To apply for these stipends please send a letter, including:

Brief description of current research project (2-3 sentences)
Career Plans/Basis of interest in Developmental Brain Injury

These letters are in addition to your submitted abstract and should be sent to:
Susan J. Vannucci
Donna M. Ferriero

Mentoring Sessions:
In response to numerous requests for more formal mentoring we will offer structured mentoring lunches
at the 2020 conference. During the lunch on either Thursday or Friday – or both depending on the interest –
there will be designated tables with one senior faculty and up to 7 young investigators, each covering
separate areas of interest.