Travel information

Transportation from Landvetter airport to Marstrands havshotell on Wednesday 10

By taxi:Taxis are located directly outside the arrival hall at the airport. Price: approx. SEK 1.200 (USD 121.80).
By bus: Landvetter Airport to and from Gothenburg city centre (Nils Ericssonplatsen)
Airport Coaches offers transfer between Göteborg Landvetter Airport and Gothenburg City Centre. Departure from “läge 1” at the airport. Arrival is at Gothenburg city centre, Nils Ericssonplatsen at “läge 18-20”. Travel time is approx 30 minutes.

Transport from Nils Ericssonplatsen to Marstrands havshotell
You can go by bus “Marstrandsexpressen” direct or train/bus “Västtågen”/bus (please see current bus number and prices in 2020 at the website . Travel time is approx 1 hour.

Transport from Marstrands havshotell via the central station to Landvetter airport on Saturday 13

By conference bus

It is possible to register for a transport with a conference bus from Marstrand after the meeting June 13, via  Gothenburg central station to Landvetter airport. Price: SEK 100/person (USD 10.15).
By taxi: Pre-booked taxi is highly recommended. Please pre-book a taxi at Taxi Göteborg, phone +46 31650000.
Price: approx. SEK 1. 200 (USD 121,80).

Where to by bus tickets?

Airport Coaches
The most convenient way is to buy bus tickets directly on the internet via the web shop. Price: Adult One way ticket SEK 99 (USD 10.05).


On board by card
Tickets may be bought on board but only with credit/debit cards. Accepted cards are: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, VISA Electron and Maestro.
Price: Adult One way ticket SEK 119 (USD 12.08).

On board by card. Tickets may be bought on board but only with VISA card or Mastercard. For further information


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