Abstract Submission

InterCAP, an International Course on Child Abuse Paediatrics, is pleased to announce that the planning committee will be accepting abstracts for presentation at the 27-30 May 2024 course in Barcelona, Spain.

Abstract presentations are open to those who are attending the entire program.

We invite attendees to submit abstracts of completed research. This will be a virtual poster presentation of previously unpublished research or a program innovation for discussion with course participants during the reception for virtual poster displays (presenters will need to provide their own laptop for virtual poster display). 

 Please read this invitation carefully and follow the instructions before submitting:

Remember to complete the entire form and check your contact information for accuracy before clicking “SUBMIT”.  You will receive an email confirming your submission if the email address is correct. Please complete each box as incomplete submissions may delay the review of your abstract or cause the abstract to be excluded from review.

Submit your abstract here



If you have any questions about the abstract program, please contact Kathi Makoroff, MD, MEd, FAAP at kathi.makoroff@gmail.com.

If you have any questions about how to complete the abstract submission form, please contact Jeff Hudson at JHudson@aap.org.