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In the past few decades, crime has become an even more pressing issue and social problem in Sweden. A sharp increase in the number of reported crimes combined with legal rights for victims of crime not being addressed are some of the challenges Sweden is currently facing. Many people feel unsafe in their local communities and public spaces.

As a result, public safety and security issues have become increasingly important. It can often affect the lives of people and their decisions of where to live, equally affecting where businesses and companies choose to reside or invest. This has been corroborated by research and empirical evidence.

In the wake of this devolving situation, the Safer Sweden Foundation (Stiftelsen Tryggare Sverige) was founded in 2008. Our main objective is to increase public safety and security by improving the support given to victims of crime, as well as promoting crime prevention initiatives.

Safer Sweden Foundation is a non-profit NGO, politically and religiously independent, with no interest in monetary profit. As such we do not accept financial contributions from the government or political parties. The only financial gains are through our active partnerships, consulting services, businesses and individuals who believe in our work and our vision of ensuring Sweden is a safe country to visit, work and live in. 

In February 2021, The Safer Sweden Foundation became the first European ICA chapter under the ICA Umbrella Initiative.


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