Confirmed invited speakers:


Keynote lecture
Eva-Mari Aro, University of Turku, Finland

Metabolic engineering and carbon fixation
Cecilia Blikstad, Uppsala University, Sweden
Peter Lindblad, Uppsala University, Sweden

Structure and function of photosynthetic complexes
Matthew Johnson, University of Sheffield, UK
Nathan Nelson, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Novel methods to study photosynthesis
Ben Engel, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany
Alizée Malnoë, Umeå University, Sweden

Regulations of photosynthesis
Ute Armbruster, Max Planck Institute Golm, Germany
Roberta Croce, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bill Rutherford, Imperial College London, UK

Artificial photosynthesis and hybrid systems
Kirstin Gutekunst, University of Kassel, Germany
Marc Robert, Université de Paris, France


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14.00-15.45 Registration, coffee

15:45 Opening

Metabolic engineering
and carbon fixation

16.00 Peter Lindblad

16.30 Cecilia Blikstad

17.00 Martin Hagemann

17.20 Rui Miao

17.40 Taina Tyystjärvi

18.00 Welcome reception, hosted by the city of Gothenburg
19:30 End

Structure and function of
photosynthetic complexes

09.00 Matthew Johnson

09.30 Marc M. Nowaczyk

09.50 André T. Graça

10.10 Analia Banacore

10.30 Coffee, posters, exhibition

11.00 Nathan Nelson

11.30 Andreas Naschburger

11.50 Nicoletta Liguori

12.10 Ben Lich,
12.30 Lunch

Novel methods to study photosynthesis

13.30 Benjamin Engel

14.00 Quentin Charras

14.20 Lars Behrendt

14.40 Szilvia Tóth

15.00 Coffee, posters, exhibition

15.30 Alizée Malnoë

16.00 Anjali Pandit

16.20 Sanna Gunell

16.40 Michal Hubacek

17:00 Fatemeh Khosravitabar

17.30 Poster session with drinks and snacks
19:30 End

Free evening

Regulation of photosynthesis

09.00 Bill Rutherford

09.30 Thekla von Bismarck

10.00 David Rolo

10.20 Coffee, posters, exhibition

10.50 Roberta Croce 

11.20 Pascal Albanese

11.40 Emilija Dukic

12.00 Francesca Marchetto

12.20 Lunch

Artificial photosynthesis and
hybrid systems

13.20 Kirstin Gutekunst

13.50 Marc Robert 

14.20 Elisabet Romero

14.40 Benedikt Lasalle-Kaiser

15.00 Robert Kourist

15.20 Sergey Kosourov

15.40 Coffee

16.30 Guided tour of the Botanical garden

18.00 Conference dinner at Botaniska paviljongen


09.00 Esa Tyystjärvi

09.20 Johannes Messinger

09.40 Michal Gabruk

10.00 Carmen Hermida-Carrera

10.20 Coffee

10.50 Eva-Mari Aro

11.50 Closing

12.00 Take-away lunch



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Commercial exhibition

A small commercial exhibition will be arranged in connection with the congress. If you are interested in an exhibition stand or other sponsorship option, please contact for more information.