Submit an Abstract

If you wish to present your research at the Swedish Register-Based Research Summit, whether through a paper (oral presentation) or a poster, please register using the link below and complete the provided form.
The submission deadline is October 16.

 We welcome submissions concerning all sorts of register-based research, including but not limited to studies on
• Use of novel and innovative sources of population data
• Migration
• Preparedness for future pandemics and other health crises in society
• Socioeconomic inequalities across the life course and generations
• Interplay between environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors
• Family structure
• Effects of policy reforms and interventions at the individual or societal level
• Geographical differences in exposures, social conditions and health
• Long term consequences of chronic diseases
• Risk predictions and prognostications in general populations and patient cohorts
• Health and welfare aspects of ageing
• Causal inference from observational data
• Statistical methods for register-based research
• Machine learning methods and applied artificial intelligence
• Use of synthetic data

Submissions could be based on register data alone or register data linked with researcher-generated data, for example cohort data in the medical sciences or survey data in the social sciences.
Purely methodological and simulation studies will also be of interest for this conference.