Welcome to Registerforskning 2023 &
the Swedish Register-Based Research Summit

When: November 13-14

Where: Hilton Slussen, Stockholm

This year, we are excited to present a combined event: Registerforskning 2023 and the Swedish Register-Based Research Summit, held back-to-back. You are invited to join us for both days or select the one that aligns best with your interests. Last day to register is November 6.

Monday 13/11- Registerforskning 2023 offers a platform for participants involved in register-based research to attend captivating lectures and engaging panel discussions. It also provides a valuable opportunity for networking and connecting with fellow professionals in the field. The conference welcomes participants engaged in register-based research from universities, authorities, and companies across Sweden. A prominent theme will revolve around our preparedness for digitalization. This day will offer two parallell sessions one in Swedish and one in English.

Tuesday 14/11 - The Swedish Register-Based Research Summit is an internationally focused interdisciplinary conference dedicated to register-based research. The primary goal is to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among diverse disciplines utilizing register data. Registers serve as vital data sources for research in medical and social sciences, encompassing fields like public health, epidemiology, statistics, demography, sociology, economics, and clinical medicine. All presentations and discussions this day is in English only.

The Registerforskning 2023 conference is jointly organized by the Swedish Research Council, Biobank Sweden, the National Archives, Statistics Sweden (SCB), the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions/National Quality Registers. The Swedish Register-Based Research Summit is organized by SWE-REG, a collaborative initiative involving seven research environments and a research school in register-based research, supported by the Swedish Research Council.