List of Confirmed Workshops

Rural Recovery and Reconciliation: Healing and Strengthening Relationships

Lesley Thompson, Cornwall & the Counties CFDC (Cornwall, Ontario)

Many of us understand the importance of Truth and Reconciliation, but we don't really understand how to apply the spirit of the T&R's Calls to Action in our work within our respective communities. If you want real-world examples and hard takeaways which will allow you to build better relationships with Indigenous stakeholders, this session is for you.

Rural Communities: Strategic Risk for Sustainable CED

Thomas Cooper, Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University (St. Johns, NL)

Strategic risk management emphasizes the importance of strategy, decision making, and implementation management in addressing risk within an organization. Traditionally CFDCs look at financial risk - but is this enough? The focus of this talk is predominantly non-financial risk, specifically examining the question of how does an organization address both the internal and external risks that it faces. The talk will outline how strategic risk can be used in both community economic development and board governance to help improve the strategy, decision making, and outcomes of CFDCs.

Rural Organizational Advocacy: Top 10 Pitfalls

Ron Ross KWM Consulting (Etobicoke, Ontario)

Ron will engage the audience with the sometime comedic examples of the top ten mistakes that organizations make in advocating their cause or issues. Through the examination of the typical to tragically failed attempt examples, participants will develop a fuller understanding of the correct strategies. Practical takeaway tools and strategies will be explored in a group setting.

Weed Canadians Want: Rural Cannabis Producers in Transition

Paul Kelly, Community Futures Central Kootenay (Nelson, BC)

Funded by the province of BC, CF Central Kootenay launched an ambitious $1M program to bring legacy producers into the highly regulated commercial licensing pathway. What we learned, what we accomplished, and what YOU can do to enable legal and viable small-scale producers and processors in your community.

Rebuilding Rural Workplaces: Modeling Inclusion

Alex Jones, CBDC Restigouche (Campbellton, NB)

This workshop will provide learning about:

Attendees will receive information to help employers in their regions increase knowledge and skill sets around inclusion and workforce sustainability which will help improve local economies.

CED and Tourism: Rural Partnerships for Revitalization and Recovery

Gord Knowles, Destination Northern Ontario

Utilizing stakeholders from across the country, we will take a deep dive into the methods and practices of how tourism has grown to be a key component of economic development, and a discussion of how organizations can leverage CFDCs to get real results.

Rural Renewal: Creating a Community Futures Consultancy Hive

Community Futures Alberni-Clayoquot (Port Alberni, BC)

The Community Futures Consulting Hive houses a vast, virtual network of BC-based business consultants, advisors and specialists to augment local CF technical advisory services and fills in during staff shortages or office closures. The Hive adds to CF capacity and enhances the CF reputation.

Risk & Resiliency: Rural Portfolio Pulse Check

Eileen Brown, Barb Wilson, Amber Darling, Trenval Business Development Corporation (Belleville, Ontario)

Interactive workshop for attendees utilizing SME case studies illustrating key finance optimization strategies to maximize security and mitigate risk while leveraging commercial finance partnerships. Participants will gain tools to assess risk for SMEs throughout the loan process including a one-page Portfolio Pulse Health-Check providing key performance metrics for Board governance.

Businesses in Transition: A Unique Approach for Rural Communities

Darrell Goertzen, Community Futures Alberni Clayoquot (Port Alberni, BC)

BC Business Match helps entrepreneurs and their families to find the right business for their skills and interests, and relocate from large urban centres. Learn more about how this Community Futures BC initiative connects business buyers and sellers, helping to sustain and grow the local economies of non-metropolitan communities.

Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Leading and Supporting Lenders

Alex Jones, CBDC Restigouche (Campbellton, NB)

This national project collaborates with Canadian credit unions, banks, the BDC and Community Futures offices to provide rich, online content for lenders who want to break down barriers for women entrepreneurs. Learn strategies you can implement to increase your number of successful women business clients.

Untapped: Activating Rural Talent

Andrew Button, Founder & CEO with Mashup Lab (Wilevile, NS)

Rural communities face significant economic challenges. However, growth from our existing companies alone won’t cut it; we need to activate the untapped entrepreneurial talent sitting on the sidelines. Andrew will share how Mashup Lab has helped entrepreneurs in more than 60 communities throughout rural Nova Scotia launch 120+ businesses in just 24-months.

Rural Entrepreneurship: Financial Knowledge for Business Resilience

Tracey Bissett, Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. (Toronto, ON)

In this short, impactful training Tracey Bissett will teach you:

Social Capital and Social Enterprise the Rural Way

Thomas Cooper, Faculty of Business Administration, Memorial University (St. Johns, NL)

Social enterprises can offer much-needed goods or services for a community, sometimes reversing the underlying causes of community distress and decline. However, social enterprises also need to attract and sustain investment. Institutional investors are increasingly looking to invest in organizations that can demonstrate a positive social impact. This talk looks at good practices in social enterprise funding, social capital and the applicability to CFDCs.

Community Futures Leadership Institute: Strategic Loan Fund Management (Parts 1 & 2)

The role of the board of directors in loan administration and the overall strategic management of the loan fund is important. This workshop will help Board Members to:

Community Futures Leadership Institute: Management, Recruitment, Performance, Evaluation and Development (Parts 1 & 2) 

The level of board member participation in recruiting and evaluating other management staff varies by non-profit organization, but in general these roles are the responsibility of the executive director. This module will help you: