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MEMBERS include CFDCs or CBDCs located in Western Canada, Ontario, Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Far North. If this does not apply, please choose the NON-MEMBER registration. You will be asked for your location and organization when registering.

COVID-19: March 18th update

The well being of all conference participants is of the utmost importance to us. In March, Ontario moved to the next phase of its Reopening Plan, easing mandates for mask-wearing and proof of vaccination. Accordingly, conference attendees are no longer required to show proof of vaccination to attend the event. We will continue to monitor the situtation and keep you posted with the latest developments. You can read our updated COVID-19 guidelines here.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Jessica Brett at or telephone 1-604-376-8514 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST).