Q&A from webinar on Virtual Events


Does the integration between Zoom and Trippus mean that you provide the Zoom license for that meeting?

Trippus is currently working on a integration with Zoom to ensure that only registered or paying customer are able to join your Zoom session. This is a big step to ensure that only your participants are able to join and prevent the new phenomenon “Zoom-bombing”. Trippus can provide the Zoom license for one specific meeting, but if you already have a license in house – that will work as well.


What are your best tips for hybrid meetings? Do we place a camera on-site or do we record the event before?

In hybrid meetings you have parts of your participants attending physically on-site and others attending remotely. Therefore, the best solution is to place a camera on-site. To let remote participants feel that they’re a part of the event, make sure to place the camera in a way that they can see the on-site audience.


Is it possible to set up an external camera for the speaker when using Zoom? To make it more "real"?

Yes, it is possible to use an external camera instead of the built in-camera in your laptop. You can also have several cameras and switch between these.


Do you have experience with integrated remote simultaneous interpretation in multi-language?

We don’t have experience from these events ourselves, but we recommend contacting Interactio or Interprefy that are experienced in this field.


What is your recommendation for how to combine a physical meeting and a virtual meeting, so that some attend on-site and others online?

This is what is referred to as a hybrid meeting. Make sure to have two different “paths” in the registration, one for on-site and one for online. To let remote participants feel that they’re a part of the event, make sure to place the camera in a way that they can see the on-site audience.


Are you using Zoom only? How about other platforms like MS Teams, GotoMeeting and Webex?

Trippus can be used together with any streaming platform. Since Zoom is very popular and has many good features for events, we have decided to integrate Trippus with their platform for an even more seamless experience for both organizers and attendees.


Any good ideas of how people online can come with input/raise their hands in a hybrid meeting?

In streaming platforms like MS Teams, GoToMeeting and Zoom there are ways for people to raise their hands and give their input. In the Trippus Event App it is possible to do the same in an even more structured way. The organizer can then decide which categories of participants should have this opportunity, and there is also a way to moderate incoming input from participants.


What type of equipment do use to make the live streaming professional?

We use conference cameras and microphones instead of the equipment that is built into laptops or tablets. To ensure the quality we also appoint one person to be responsible for the live streaming throughout the event. Trippus also offers a complete service where one or more staff comes on-site with all the equipment needed and manages live streaming, chat messages, interaction sessions and follow-up.


It may be difficult for participants to stay focused through a long virtual meeting or conference. Any good tips to activate participants during a virtual meeting? Other than chat and breakout sessions?

We recommend using questions, polls and contests to keep participant motivated and awake. By involving them and listening to their input the event becomes more interesting to everybody. Let your participants answer different questions relevant to the meeting content. Show the results in real-time and build your sessions around those answers. Contests can be a lot of fun and enhance learning as well. Participants then answer questions about your products, services or about other related subjects that you’re discussing at your event. You then have the option to show a leader board after each question to see who has scored the most points and who was the fastest to answer.