Call for abstracts

The Programme Committee is pleased to invite all water professionals with an interest in wastewater, sewerage and climate change adaptation to submit abstracts for presentations related to the conference themes to be delivered at the NORDIWA2023 Nordic Wastewater Conference.

Submission of abstracts

• Abstracts shall consist of maximum 450 words - ½ A4 page, an optional figure and be written in English
• The deadline for submission of abstracts is 29 January 2023 - new date!
• The Programme Committee selects the abstracts, and the authors are informed in March 2023
• Authors of the selected abstracts must submit a presentation by 21 August 2023
• The conference contains full presentations, workshops and speed talks followed by an open discussion
•  Presentations will be published in a digital format and are distributed to the participants at the conference
•  All abstracts should be submitted and presented in English
• The NORDIWA programme committee can recommend articles to be published in the IWA publication Water Practice & Technology


Please see attached pdf-file for abstract submission guidelines and conference topics. 

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Themes 2023 


Climate challenges, mitigation and adaptation
Climate change adaptation and resilience • Climate change mitigation •
Sustainable stormwater management • Energy efficiency, strategies and priorities • Greenhouse gas emissions and climate ambitions • Biogas production, upgrading and use


Sustainable management and communication
SDGs and wastewater • Management, governance, benchmarking and new EU legislation • Asset management in a re-shaped financial environment • Customer engagement and communication • Wastewater as a community service



Sewer management and wastewater treatment
Sewer management • Monitoring and modelling • Treatment of combined sewer overflows • Interaction sewers and wastewater treatment plants • Wastewater treatment • Small scale wastewater treatment



Crisis handling, risk management and security
Supply chain challenges, lack of chemicals, spare parts and other resources • Electrical power failures and shut downs • Lessons learnt from utility management during the Covid-19-pandemic



Circular economy, resources and reuse
Circular economy • Sludge management • Resource efficiency, recovery • Recycling and recovery of nutrients • Water use and reuse • System efficiency • Micropollutants and microplastics