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External speakers/User presentations: 

Borut Baricevic, Instrumentation Technologies

Prof. Zhao Hongbin, Strategic Consultant of OUC

Samuel Mazin, Reflexion Medical

Gerry McMonagle, CERN

Dr. Paolo Nenzi, ENEA

Rudy Potter, Reflexion Medical

Mr. Liu Renqing, VP of OUC 

Jean Michel Rey, Posithot

ScandiNova speakers:

Per Benowski, Dept. R&D Director, ScandiNova Systems

Ola Bodén, After Sales Manager, ScandiNova Systems

Klas Elmquist, R&D Director, ScandiNova Systems

Jonas Gustafsson, Software Engineer, ScandiNova Systems

Roger Karlsson, RF Engineer, ScandiNova Systems

Mikael Lindholm, SVP Sales & Marketing, ScandiNova Systems

Fredrik Mella, CEO, ScandiNova Systems

Erik Sundström, Head of Communications, ScandiNova Systems

Helena Åsbrink, COO, ScandiNova Systems

Last update: 26 August, 2021.