Here you can find the programme for the NSDS 2023 in Linköping.
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Please note that this is the final programme.

Bibliography of invited speakers
We are happy to announce that we have some very interesting speakers that will share their experience and knowledge at the NSDS 2023:


Jaap van Dieën

Professor, Ph.D. (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

Jaap van Dieën is currently a full professor of biomechanics and department head of the department of Human Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His work blends biomechanics and neurophysiology and involves collaborations with epidemiologists and clinical researchers in physiotherapy, orthopedics and related disciplines. His research is centered around three themes: 1) control of trunk posture and movement, 2) control of balance and gait stability and 3) the development of clinically applicable algorithms and instrumentation. He focuses on experimental work based on movement analysis, inverse dynamics and electrophysiological measurements. Jaap van Dieën has (co-) authored over 500 papers in international scientific journals and has successfully supervised over 60 PhD students.



James Wynne

Jim is Vice President - Director of Education/Resident Director for Boston Orthotics and Prosthetics. Jim has been a certified orthotist/prosthetist since 1991 and has specialized in pediatric orthotic/prosthetics, since 1993 primarily at Boston O&P’s Boston Children’s Hospital clinic. He lectures both nationally and internationally on the non-operative management of scoliosis and has authored several book chapters and peer review articles on the non-operative treatment of scoliosis. He is a past president of the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics and is the current President of the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT).



Anders Persson

Professor Ph.D., M.D. Senior Physician (University of Linköping -  Sweden)

Anders Persson is professor at the Department of Health Medicine and Care, University of Linköping Sweden and Guest Professor at the Clinical Science Intervention and Technology Karolinska Institute Sweden. In addition, he is the director and cofounder of Center for Medical Science and Visualization (CMIV. CMIV conducts focused front-line research within multidisciplinary projects providing solutions to tomorrow’s clinical issues. The mission is to develop future methods and tools for image analysis and visualization for applications within health care and medical research. Currently his research is focusing on algorithms for specific clinical investigations (Dual Energy, Photon Counting CT, Flow simulations and AI). He has >200 international scientific papers and conference publications, >900 Invited talks and 10 book chapters. Large number of ongoing leaderships, appointments and commissions of trust. He has received several international and national awards. 



Michael Paul Grevitt

M.D. B BS, BSC, FRCS(Orth) (Nottingham, England, United Kingdom)

Michael Paul Grevitt is a spinal Surgeon at the Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery, Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust Centre, UK. He has been in consultant practice for over 25 years and specializes in paediatric spinal deformity. His unit covers a catchment area of 4.7 million.

He has held numerous national committee and governance posts that have included contributions to the Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee of the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), NHS Clinical Coding as well as a committee member of the British Scoliosis Society. He is currently the secretary of the UK Spine Societies Board and Spinal Clinical advisor to the national Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) project.

Internationally, he was the inaugural global chair of the Community Development Commission of AOSpine and then the global chair of the Education Commission (AOSEC). He was a AO Davos Course Director for several years. He has been on the scientific advisory board of Smith & Nephew as well as a member of several alpha development groups of spinal implants. He is a current member of NASS International EduComm.

He has diverse research inetrests but latterly has focused on outcomes of spinal interventions; he has more than 100 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. He is on the Editorial Board for Spine Deformity.

He has lectured widely and has trained / mentored over 100 fellows from all over the world.


Acke Ohlin

MD (Skåne University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden)

Acke Ohlin started his career at the Hospital in Jönköping 1976-85 after obtaining his medical doctor license. He worked for 30 years at the orthopedic clinic at Malmö Allmänna Sjukhus (now Skåne University Hospital, SUS). Acke Ohlin succeeded Stig Willner as the person responsible for the Spine Department and was a Swedish pioneer in scoliosis treatment in general and new surgical methods in particular.

Parallel to his clinical work, he completed his dissertation and was appointed associate Professor of Orthopedics at Lund University in 1992. He has published around 80 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, written several book chapters and is the author of the spine section in the textbook of pediatric orthopedics (Barnortopedi, Studentlitteratur 2021). Over his career Acke Ohlin has made several visits to leading clinics in the world and regularly participated in international scientific meetings and congresses. He is an active member of many spine surgery societies, among which the Scoliosis Research Society. He is part of the Editorial Board for Eur Spine J and J Orthop Surg. For more than twenty years, he has been active as a teacher in courses for spine surgeons covering the Nordic region.
All active Swedish spine surgeons today can thank Acke Ohlin for bringing home knowledge from all corners of the earth and generously sharing news and experiences with us.