The conference will be held at the P5 conference centre, located next to the beautiful Ume river in the heart of Umeå.

The entire P5 concept – from architecture, technology, the food and our hospitality is composed based on long-term experience as well as scientific research. Their aim is to create the best possible conditions for people to meet. That goes from entering the premises until the last point on the agenda has been ticked off.



A number of hotel rooms have been reserved at the U&ME hotel for people attending the conference.

U&Me is an innovative and sustainable hotel located right in the heart of Umeå city centre. Here you can create your ideal stay, whether it’s compact living or more spacious accommodation you’re looking for. Take advantage of our range of affordable extra features or enjoy some of the many luxurious experiences found right outside your hotel door.



The easiest way to get around Umeå is by Ultra. You can download the Ultra app or use their website to search which bus that will get you were you meed to go. 

Umeå Taxi AB
090-77 00 00

Taxi Björkstaden
090-360 00

090- 911 91



Umeå – a cultural hotspot immersed in nature. With world-class museums and universities, Umeå is the cultural capital of northern Sweden – and a European Capital of Culture as well – with magnificent wilderness on its doorstep. Umeå is one of Sweden's fastest growing cities. The average age of the 130,000 people who live in Umeå is 38. The goal is to pass 200,000 inhabitants before 2050. The city offers world-class art, drama, films, industries, music and research. It aims to attract more companies and break new construction records.

In 2014 Umeå held the title of European Capital of Europe



If you are lucky you get the chance to see the Northern lights. Want to learn more about the Northern Lights and get a heads up when it is visible here in Umeå? Then follow Umeå Aurora Hunters on Facebook for daily updates.

Want even more tips on seeing the Northern Lights? Or do you just want to know the best places to witness this beautiful light show? Here Visit Umeå have gathered our best tips on activities and places to visit for an unforgettable experience under the Aurora Borealis.

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