Social programme

Gothenburg invites you to a Digital Technical Tour

During the conference the participants will be invited to a digital technical tour arranged by the city of Gothenburg, Gryaab and the Rya WWTP.

Gothenburg is celebrating 400 years as a city this year and since 1621 the city has developed into a modern industrialized city with a population of 600 000. In the middle of the 1800’s the sewer systems began to be built to transport wastewater from the city center and into the Göta estuary that flows through the city towards the sea.

In 1972 The Rya WWTP was commissioned which included a 130 km tunnel system. Since then the plant has grown and today it serves a population equivalent of 800 000 from eight municipalities. Looking towards the future the population within the region is increasing and more stringent discharge consents are also expected. To handle our future challenges Gryaab has started an expansion project called New Rya with the objective that new treatment processes will be ready for action in 2036.

Welcome reception

During Tuesday 28 september we invite you to a digital welcome reception.

Digital surprises

During the conference we will also share some digital surprises in order to interact and enjoy the conference.