Digital exhibition

During the conference we will offer the participants a digital exhibition. The goal is to create a digital room where suppliers and participants can meet, where participants can listen to presentations and where suppliers get the opportunity to show their products in a digital exhibition stand.

Exhibitors at NORDIWA, will have the opportunity to create their own digital exhibition stand. The stand has functions for communicating in picture and text, but also possibilities to interact live via chat and live videomeetings. Below you can read more about what functions the digital exhibiton stand has.

For prices and to register as an exhibitor please see Registration in the meny above.


One-to-one meetings

The participants have the possibility to book one-to-one meetings with exhibitors during the conference.
Participants will be able to request a meeting based on the availability that the exhibitor set up. 
A meeting request will be sent and you as an exhibitor need to accept it in order to confirm the meeting.


Q&A - Questions & Answers

- Participants can ask questions
- See other questions and vote/like presented questions
- Representatives will be able to respond to asked questions



- All current visitors of the booth will be listed under the Visitors tab
- You will be able to click on a participant, start a conversation and access their profile



- As a representative you will be able to view the statistics of your exhibition stand
- See how many visitors you have and when they visited you
- See how many clicks you have on individual documents and links

Summary of the functions

- You will be able to build and handle your own booth
- Participants will be able to book meetings with you
- Participants will be able to ask open questions in your booth
- You can have individual one-on-one chats
- You will have access to continuous statistics for your booth
- You will be notified of any questions, chat messages or meeting requests

  Example of how the digital exhibition stand can look like:


  The exact dimensions 1200x500 pixels. Format PNG, JPEG or GIF.


  Preferably a square design, at least 200x200 pixels. Format PNG.


  Maximum 3 videos/company. Set as a link to YouTube, Vimeo or
  another platform, such as your own website.


Text & contact

Recommended maximum of 400 words. The text should be relevant for the target group. Link to website, email address, phone number.

Social media

Links to social media for the company; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.


Maximum 3 per company. Format PDF.

How to build your digital exhibition stand