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Kameleoon is the only optimization solution with experiment, AI-powered personalization, and feature management capabilities in a single unified platform. Discover how we pull product and marketing teams together to power growth.

Digital experiences your customers will love.
Create content that wows, run experiments at scale, and power your commerce business - all with the world’s leading and fully-composable digital experience platform.

A carefully selected group of specialist companies have come together to form ARC. Different in craft, but united in the ambition to solve your problems and create lasting value.


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Mission control for your marketing data and the hub at the center of it all. Modern, data-driven marketers use Funnel to unlock their potential. Funnel powers your reporting and analytics to give you control over your performance.

The most versatile, fastest and limitless experimentation platform available. True client and server-side testing by patented design.
All in one friendly and easy-to-use interface. 

Optimize digital experiences & maximize conversions. Your customer is evolving every day. Decode their evolving behaviors, fine-tune with robust A/B testing, and personalize experiences that hit home.
Boost conversions across your websites and mobile apps through data-driven UI and server-side enhancements.




Automated AI personalization for e-coms who don't have the muscles of Amazon. Let Bubbi and its AI do all the work and heavy lifting, all you do is enjoy the growth.
We track all details and nuances of the customer's visit in real time. Our algorithms predict the customer's motivation and intention. Your website automatically adapts to better match their intention.

Since our last CJAM, the digital industry has been evolving at an incredible pace. With advancements in AI, machine learning,
automation, and the emergence of new regulations and sustainable practices, it's time for us to pause for a day and rethink our strategies. Exploring innovative ways to stay ahead of the game.

This isn't just a relaunch of CJAM; it's an opportunity for us to redefine growth through experimentation. By bringing together the brightest minds, we aim to reconnect, rethink, and relaunch our industry practices, setting the benchmark for the next 10 years.

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