Meet the speakers

Ronny Kohavi
Consultant, ex-Airbnb, ex-Amazon
Few individuals have amassed the level of expertise in experimentation quite like Ronny Kohavi. With a career spanning tech behemoths such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Airbnb (just to name a few), he has laid the groundwork for modern online experimentation. 
April Dunford
Author and public speaker
April is a systems design engineer and startup executive with a deep interest in how companies bring their offerings to new markets, expanding markets, and position new products in established ones. She has worked with over 200 companies, from small growing startups to mature Fortune 500.
Jono Alderson
Digital strategist, marketing technologist

Jono is a multi-award-winning, world-leading digital marketing expert. Jack of all trades, master of many. Globally recognized for work within digital strategy, SEO, analytics, web performance, structured data, marketing technology, CRO, and growth.

Kenda Macdonald
Best-selling author, and agency founder
Kenda is a forensic psychology major and the founder of Automation Ninjas. Also an international keynote speaker, a multi-award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of the best-selling book: Hack The Buyer Brain. Her biggest pet peeve is how “modern” marketing doesn’t take consumer behavior into consideration. Her mission is to fix that.
Alexandre Suon Perhirin
Head of Experimentation
Alexandre leads the experimentation team at Accor and is a firm managing partner with experience working alongside the digital executive team of Fortune 500 companies as well as rising scale-ups.
Inspired by solving the biggest challenges in the industry, he is also a Doctoral Student researching the factors of innovations within large enterprises. He has won multiple awards from institutes such as King’s College Grant and Harvard Business School scholarship.
Simone Neeling
CRO and web analyst
Without data, it's just another opinion. As a CRO specialist and web analyst, it seems needless to explain that Simone advocates for a data-driven approach to optimization. She is not the type of analyst that shares an analysis in numbers and leaves it at that but understands how to translate insights into concrete, ready-to-pick-up recommendations.
Arnout Hellemans
SEO and analytics consultant
Some people call it growth hacking; Arnout doesn‘t. He just makes sure a business gets the most out of its online activities by leveraging analytics and other data points. This results in an online strategy focused on search, social interactions, and an understanding of the real ROI. Main assets are cross-platform thinking and technical knowledge; speed optimization and SEO.
Andreas Gref
Experimentation expert and advisor
Andreas, also known as AG, is a highly experienced problem solver and analyst, with long experience as a CRO consultant. He has worked across a diverse range of industries and held various roles, including growth manager and lead data scientist. AG is particularly enthusiastic about experiment design, statistics, and experimentation.
John Ekman
Chief Conversionista, partner ARC
Optimization is really about changing the behavior of your visitors and if you want to change behaviors you need to look at behavior data. John founded Conversionista to help Sweden’s online businesses to get better results from their traffic. 12+ years later, Conversionista is the indisputable authority on conversion optimization in the Nordics.