Shopping is always a good idea! Svalbard is a duty-free zone so lower tax-free prices apply for everything you buy here. You will find bargain prices on outdoor clothing and equipment at Longyearbyen’s sporting goods stores, while the price of alcohol and tobacco are considerably lower than on the Norwegian mainland. You will also find a broad selection of souvenirs, gold products and quality clothes. The shops in Svalbard are open year-round.

What about taking a Svalbard sweater home with you? These warm woollen sweaters are very popular for locals and visitors alike. Perhaps you would prefer a box of local handmade chocolate with inspiration from the Arctic? Or what about some refreshing Spitsbergen Pilsner brewed here in Longyearbyen?

Credit card can be used in all shops in Longyearbyen.

Visitors wishing to buy alcohol must bring their boarding passes. 

Source: Visit Svalbard