Svalbard Airport is located about five kilometres north-west of Longyearbyen. Travel time is 10-15 minutes.

The airport shuttle bus

From the airport:

An airport shuttle is scheduled from Longyear airport and to Longyearbyen in connection with the arrival of all regular flights. It waits until the passengers have picked up their luggage and the bus is full, before it leaves. You will find the bus just outside the terminal, to the left.

The airport bus stops at most accommodations, just tell the driver your destination/the name of your hotel and you will be guided to the right bus stop.

Price NOK 75 per person. You must pay for the airport shuttle yourself, and you can pay using cash (NOK), Visa or Mastercard.

To the airport:

Ask in your hotel reception when the airport shuttle connected to your flight leaves. You need give your flight information to the receptionist in order to get correct information.


Taxis must be pre-booked. Two taxi companies operate in Longyearbyen: