Weather and travel tips

In June the snow is replaced by vegetation, the birds sing and the whales rage in the fjords. It's summer in Svalbard!
There is daylight and midnight sun all day long. With Arctic endless summer nights, day and night can be used for activities.


In the summer season it is neccessary to bring warm and windproof clothing, solid hiking shoes, and a hat, scarf and gloves. The avarage temperature is +6°C, but you have to be prepared for temperatures of 0°C and frost. Svalbard is an unformal place dress vise, and you will find people in hiking clothes all over, but people like to dress up sometimes when going out for restaurant dinners.  

Indoor footwear

On Svalbard it is a tradition to take off your shoes when visiting someone’s home, or upon entering accommodation sites and offices. This tradition goes back to the days when the coal mines were located in the middle of the settlement. To avoid dragging coal dust into the houses, the locals would always take off their shoes. It is therefore smart to bring a pair of indoor shoes or warm socks when travelling to Svalbard.


According to the Schengen regulations, all passengers passing through a Schengen boarder shall be controlled. Since Svalbard is not part of the Schengen area, everyone travelling between Svalbard and the Norwegian mainland must be controlled.

Norwegian citizens do not need to show their passport, but can identify themselves with a driver's license issued after 1998, credit cards with picture or a Ministry of Defence Identity Card. 

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Travel insurance

We recommend that all our guests have valid travel insurance.



Svalbard is a duty-free region, which means that many products are less expensive than on the Norwegian mainland. In Longyearbyen you can find shops of all sizes selling almost everything from groceries and fresh produce, sport and leisure equipment, gifts and souvenirs and so forth. The Norwegian kroner can be used over the whole of Svalbard, including the Russian settlements. Most normal credit cards can be used in most places. Longyearbyen has an automated teller machine (ATM) located in the bank building.

Polar bear precautions and safety

The polar bear is one on the world's largest predators and extremely dangerous for humans. You can meet it anywhere in Svalbard, all year-round. On organised tours the guides will be in charge of safety and carry weapons and other necessary equipment.

If you leave Longyearbyen to explore the island we strongly recommend that you hire a weapon. On organised tours the guides will be in charge of safety and carry weapons and other necessary equipment.

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Electrical supply and sockets

- Supply is 220V AC at 50Hz (and 220V at 60 Hz at HartRAO)
- Europlug standard:

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