Practical Information and map

The Kulturhuset cultural centre provides the venue for IVS2018, and is located in the town centre.

The Radisson Blu Polar Hotel is located at the end of Longyearbyen’s main street, not far from the university and museum. It is about a five-minute walk from the venue.

The Spitsbergen Hotel is located at Haugen, 1.2 kilometres from the town centre. It is about a 15-minute walk from the venue.



Common sense rules for Svalbard

We realize it is not possible to be an invisible tourist, but we appreciate your trying.

1. Don't be an arctic litterbug! Leave no lasting signs of your visit.

2. Birds and other animals are not to be disturbed. Remember, you are the guest.

3. Help take care of the biodiversity. Do not pick flowers.

4. Leave old cultural remains alone. Law protects all traces of humans from before 1946.

5. Pursuing, attracting or enticing polar bears is strictly prohibited. They are dangerous animals, but also vulnerable.

6. Do not leave the settlements without a suitable gun, and experience in using it.

7. Be considerate of others.

8. Contact the Governor's office (Sysselmannen) if planning a longer field excursion. A mandatory registration applies for travel to large parts of Svalbard (outside Management Area 10).

9. Acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations pertaining to travel and other tourist activities on Svalbard.

10. For the sake of both the environment and yourself, we recommend organized tour arrangements.


Svalbard Tourism in cooperation with the Governor of Svalbard 






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