10th IVS general meeting

Global geodesy and the role of VGOS – fundamental to sustainable development



  1. Building the VGOS network [Pablo de Vicente, Guangli Wang]
  2. VGOS technique and observations [Chet Ruszczyk, Alexander Neidhardt]
  3. Legacy S/X and mixed legacy/VGOS operations [David Hall, Evgeny Nosov]
  4. VLBI core products and their improvements [John Gipson, Oleg Titov]
  5. Extending the scope of VLBI usage/applications [Thomas Hobiger, Lucia McCallum]

Scientific programme - Session descriptions

Sun 3 June

17.00-22.00 Ice breaker

Mon 4 June

09.00 - 18:00 Meeting. Lunch at 12.00
18.15 Visit to SvalSat  - group 1 (limited capacity)

Tue 5 June 

09.00-18.00 Meeting. Lunch at 12.00
18.15 Visit to
SvalSat - group 2 (limited capacity)

Wed 6 June

Excursion to Ny-Ă…lesund by sea, inauguration of the new observatory (Limited capacity, conference delegates will be given priority). Departure 08.00 and wil return by midnight. 

Thu 7 June

09.00-15.00 Meeting. Lunch at 12.00
15.00-15.30 Hear a coal miner’s story
19.00 Banquet in the Kulturhuset cultural centre

Fri 8 June

09.00-12.00 IVS analysis workshop (lunch at 12.00)

Sat 9 June

11.00 Check-out from hotels          
12.00 Lunch in Restaurant Nansen
Board meeting by invitation