Welcome to the CBRNe protection equipment exhibition, arranged in connection with the 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium. The exhibition will offer symposium participants the opportunity to make themselves acquainted with commercially available state-of-the-art equipment related to CBRNe protection. This exhibition and the symposium will take place at Malmö Mässan in Malmö, Sweden. Please note that sponsor packages and exhibition spaces will be assigned on first come, first served basis.

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To book your booth, please contact:
Krister Andersson, krister@umea-congress.se +46 90 70 60 35
Elisabet Norlin Rehnmark, elisabet@umea-congress.se +46 90 70 60 38

Booth no. Company Sponsorship
17 FLIR Systems Inc.  
25 Environics Oy Silver
27 Proengin Silver
28 Cristanini  
31 Jacobi  
32 GIE Défense NBC  
33 GIE Défense NBC  
34 GIE Défense NBC  
35 Paul Boyé Technologies  Silver
36 NBC-Sys  
37 GIE Défense NBC  
44 Ferak Berlin GmbH  
45 GIE Défense NBC Silver
49 W.L Gore & Associates GmbH  
54 Argon Electronics Ltd.  
55 SEC Technologies Silver