What is the Microsystem Festival?

The Microsystem Festival is more than a conference. It is a warm and personal event which provides you with great opportunities to meet other people who are committed to health and social care improvement. The conference is international and we have the pleasure to introduce several exciting lecturers with roots in both theory and practice.

The Festival is intended for you as a leader, CEO, improvement coach or anyone working to improve quality in health care. The knowledge of clinical microsystems and quality improvement is advancing and the Festival also includes an initial day for those with a special interest in research.

Representatives from the International network of Clinical Microsystems and Region Jönköping County will share their knowledge. Some clinics and departments will give us info about their improvement work. There is a close connection to the knowledge of clinical microsystems, which has a long tradition at Dartmouth Medical School, USA.

What is a Clinical Microsystem?

A microsystem is a small group of interdisciplinary healthcare staff who work together with the patient in a particular clinical setting. The microsystem approach differs from team-based development in that the patient, the information and information systems, the organisation's goals and results are considered as parts of the microsystem. Microsystems are the smallest functional units of healthcare systems and this perspective has had a large impact on the improvement work in many organisations. They are distinct from the next organisational stratum – the 'mesosystem' – that exists to support the microsystem's functioning. This in turn is part of the larger 'macrosystem' that includes the strategic goals and functioning of the health care organisation. The knowledge and understanding of clinical microsystems are well documented and research is continuously being done.

One way of getting to know your microsystem is to study the 5Ps: