It is a great pleasure, and honor, to welcome you all to the 13th Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry. The theme Forensic Psychiatry in a Lifetime Perspective is challenging, yet interesting, and reflects the broadness of the field in which we practice.

Forensic psychiatry is complex and interdisciplinary in character and touch upon multiple disciplines such as law, psychology, social science and criminology. The assessments and treatments conducted in the realm of the field have a severe impact on individual and societal levels. In our ever-changing world, it is crucial to have dedicated time for reflection with colleagues, where current challenges, as well as the latest research findings, can be discussed. All with the long-term goal of basing our organizations on evidence-based and ethical practice for the good of the individual as well as preventing crime in the society.

The biannual symposium is a meeting to enable such discussions, to optimize collaborationsbetween research and practice and to promote the exchange of knowledge, insights and ideas between professionals. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to maintain networks, and form new initiatives, where we can use our different points of view to calibrate and refine our work, as well as develop and improve the field, by using the common experiences that unite us.

On behalf of the National Board of Forensic Medicine I wish you all an inspiring symposium and a great time in Gothenburg!

Eva-Lo Ighe
Deputy Director General
The National Board of Forensic Medicine